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    Re: You Have Multiples! Tell us your Story!

    I'm gonna do another one, just for fun!

    Hi, I am Jenna Daniels, and my husband is Oliver Michael Daniels, but he goes by his middle name of Michael. Multiples run like crazy in our family!
    Me - Twin
    My mom - Triplet
    My cousin - Quad
    My Grandmother - Twin

    So we really wern't surprised when we had our first se3t of multiples... (we already have 7 children)...

    Violetta Camille and Francesca Marie were born in 2000, they are now 10 years old. "Lettie and Free"

    Then we had Benjamin Michael in 2004, so he is now 6.

    3 years later in 2007 we had our next set of twins, Sosie Isobel and Nicolas Parker "Nic".

    Next in 2009 we adopted two children from Russia and gave them new names, Georgia Veronique is 5 and Luka William is 4.

    We are now pregnant with our next set of multiples - Quads! They are 2 girls 2 boys, and we have decided to name them...

    Dahlia Eva-Mae Monroe
    Wesley James Knight
    Alethea Charlotte Saskia
    Xavier Damien Birch

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    Re: You Have Multiples! Tell us your Story!

    Hello all. I am Hannah Eleanor Louise, respectfully named after my deceased great-grandmother. I am married to my husband of eighteen years, Jeremiah Phillip, also named after someone- his mothers best friend, Phillipa Jessamine. Together we have three children, two adopted and one conceived, and are expecting identical twins and a singleton. It's triplets!

    Eva Cosette is the oldest at nine. She was named after months of thought. Me and Jere decided on Eva because it means 'life'. She was our first miracle. Cosette is a character in a book we both love! Eva is quite spunky. She enjoys reading and drawing, but loves to play all types of sports as well.

    Cassidy Lia Zan is six. She was adopted from China. We were blessed with only having a year and a half total time for her adoption process. Cassidy is very intelligent and an excellent drawer. She is a very gifted child. Her name just felt right, after coming over it over and over again in the baby name book.

    Miles Dawson, our oldest son, is five. He was adopted through private adoption here in the US. Miles was named by his birth mother, but we know that his middle name is after his biological father, Dawson. Miles is so full of energy, and the happiest kid in the neighborhood. He loves riding his bike, climbing trees, and making messes. We call him 'Tornado'. He is so full of love too. He adores animals!

    Frederick Jeremiah and Oliver Phillip- The boys to be! Named after their amazing father. So far they are very rambunctious little squirts.

    Juliana Eleanor- The girl to be! She isn't quite as active as her brothers, but she is the biggest. Also named after a parent, me. Juliana has been a named I loved since third grade! My third little princess is sure to be some sort of mischief maker, like her big brother Miles. These two are going to make a great team, I can just tell.

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    Re: You Have Multiples! Tell us your Story!

    My name is Clara Belle Hazel Archer. Me and my husband, Scott Jeremy Archer, had four children and figured we were done.

    Theodore David Scott was born three years before Genevieve Elisabeth Anneand her twin Beatrix Hermione Alianne, who were born three years before Alexander Jonas Elijah. Then, I found out I was expecting sextuplets! Oh my! When Xander was two, I had Eden Hazel Barbara, William Robert Henry, Emilia Violet Helena, Asher Jonathan George, Josephine Jean Marie, Penelope June Valeria. Phew!

    All my children are: Teddy, who has blond hair and brown eyes; Jenny and Trixie, who have blond hair and green eyes; Xander, who has dark brown hair and blue eyes; Edie and Millie, who have blond hair and green eyes; Billy, who has black hair and blue eyes; Ash, who has light brown hair and green eyes; Josie and Pippa, who have black hair, green eyes and freckles
    ~Adelaide ~ Octavia~ Eulalie~ Clementine~ Magnolia~ Coralie~ Josephine~
    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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    Re: You Have Multiples! Tell us your Story!

    My name is Jessica Lynne Hawkes and I'm married to Richard Jeremy Hawkes. Together we're parents to 10.

    Adrianna Rosalie Christine Hawkes is 13 years old. She is names after her three grandmothers Anna (my mom), Rose (Rick's mom) & Christy (Rick's step-mom).

    Richard Aaron Gustav Hawkes & Jeremy Daniel William Hawkes are 10 years old. They are named after their father, both grandfathers Aaron & Danny and after two close family friends Gusto & Wilhelm.

    This was the point of our lifes where we though that we were done with biological children and after 5 years decided to adopt. We were offered a sibling set from Ukraine by our adoption agency and immediately decided to adopt them.

    Henry Mikhail Dustin Hawkes is 9 years old. Henry was a name we liked, Mikhail is his birth name and Dustin is after our friend who died shortly before the adoption process was finished.

    Thomas Dmitry Valentin Hawkes is 7 years old. Thomas was again a name we liked, Dmitry is his birth name and Valentin because the adoption was finalized on Valentine's Day and it also reflects his heritage.

    We were excited that our family was complete. But we couldn't be more wrong. 3 years after the adoption was finalized, we found out that we were expecting quintuplets, all girls, identical and concieved naturally.

    The girls are now nearly 2 years old and are named, Helena Adeline Marie Hawkes, Josephina Aurora Lynette Hawkes, Victoria Allyson Sophie Hawkes, Carolina Eloise Posey Hawkes & Theresa Alice Filippa Hawkes. They all have royal first names. Their middle names are names we liked.

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    Re: You Have Multiples! Tell us your Story!

    Mother: Jillian Elizabeth Danvers
    Father: Jeremy Malcolm Danvers

    Number of children: 6

    1. Girl-Celia Juliette Danvers (triplet)

    2. Boy-Camden Blake Danvers (triplet)

    3. Boy-Caledon Orion Danvers (triplet)

    4. Boy-Sage Alaric Danvers

    5. Boy-Theron Pierce Danvers

    6. Girl-Harlow Guinevere

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