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    Re: You Have Multiples! Tell us your Story!

    I was abducted by aliens and ended up on a UFO. The next morning I was hungry for breakfast. I was given some small, oddly shaped eggs that were purple with turquoise hairy speckles. Little did I know that when I ate the eggs, I became impregnated with baby aliens. I was hungry, and so I ate fifteen eggs - they were only as big as jellybeans.
    Two minutes later, my alien children emerged from the inside of my ears.
    I proceeded to name them

    Dexter George - the top of his head shoots up like a bowling pin.
    Eulalia Daphne - she has a twenty foot tongue
    Fedora Louise - the top of her skull sticks out like a hat. Eulalia and Dexter love to bump their heads together.
    Imogen Poppy - her eyes swirl like kaleidoscopes.
    Henrietta Fifi - has hair like a poodle
    Veronica Ruby - has ruby-colored pupils
    Hector Jeff - He has a pinball machine inside of his tummy.
    Krispin Kool - He has tattoos on the soles of his feet which hold the secrets to the universe.
    Zoltan Jimmy - When you push his nose, spray comes out of his nostrils. The spray smells like peanut butter mixed with limes.
    Dree Metaphee - has a bottom that is as big as a sofa. We all lie on her while we watch T.V.
    Burpa Bertha - When she burps, plants grow.
    Saskina Sadalusha - She is shaped like a frisbee, and it is fun to ride on her through the sky
    Petaluma Paloma - She has wings that are silver and when she flaps them, glitter sprinkles into everyone's faces. Suddenly we feel cooler. She comes in handy on a hot day.
    Aero Arno - He is invisable, but you know he's there because he breathes noisily.
    Bernie Boss - He has fifty legs and loves to wear designer jeans.

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    Re: You Have Multiples! Tell us your Story!

    Howdy! We are Travis Brooks and Dixie Skye Puckett. We are expecting quads here in a few months, 3 boys and 1 girl! Travis and I own the Winged M Ranch in west Texas. We wanted the kids names to reflect their, "cowboy" raising. Travis wanted to go alphabetically with the kids' names. I gave in and let him do this with the middle names. So, here is what we came up with...

    DD: Dixie Annabel
    DS: Weston Blake
    DS: Marshall Clay
    DS: Colton Dash
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    Audrey Caroline / Lily Elizabeth / Sadie Rebekah
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    Re: You Have Multiples! Tell us your Story!

    My story;

    I'm Lila Siobhan Germanotta, I'm 28 & I'm married to Grant Edward Germanotta Sr, 32. We've been married for 3 years & loving every minute! Together we have 10 month old quadruplets, 2 boys, 2 girls. Their names are Grant Edward Germanotta Jr., Gabrielle Olivia Germanotta, Lillian Carolina Germanotta, & Lucas Matthew Germanotta.

    Grant, who we call Junior, is very outgoing. He loves to play with mommy & daddy, but he especially loves playing with our dog, Wally! Junior really loves to get dirty, hates bathes, loves to sleep, loves to eat, & doesn't like when he's left alone.

    Gabrielle, who we call Elle, is the shyest our of the four. She always needs mommy time & if she gets picked up when mommy's in the room, she doesn't like it. She'll just cry. She loves to play with her Auntie Tess, eating, crawling all over the place, babbling, & bathes! She doesn't like to get dirty though, she's the total opposite of Junior.

    Lillian, who we call Lilly, is very lovable. She loves to be hugged, carried, kissed, picked up, eating, sleeping, & playing with Elle. She doesn't like to get dirty, like Elle, & she doesn't like carrots.

    Lucas, who we call Luke, is very loud. Even though he cries a whole lot, he loves his life. He adores to play & he adores to just laugh. He crawls everywhere with Junior. They're like partners in crime.

    As for Grant & I, we're loving raising our children. Maybe in the future we'll have more, but for right now, we're all set with the quads.
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    lauren elizabeth⎰sophie jane⎰grace audrey
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    Re: You Have Multiples! Tell us your Story!


    My name is Rae Irene Anders (ne Lucas) and i'm 35 years old. I'm happily married to my husband of 15 years Steven John Anders, whom is 39 years old and works full-time as a Lorry driver. He works as a van driver one weekend of every month for a little extra money.

    I'm a full-time mum to 10 boys and 6 girls.

    Our first child is Ronnie Allan whom is 13 years old and wants to be a pilot in the RAF. He has short, light brown hair and is almost 6ft. He has blue eyes and wears glasses. He also has Asthma. He is named after my uncle (Allan) and my great uncle (Ronald).

    Our second son was born just 15 months later his name is Vinnie Steven, he is 12 and is a little rebel. He looks the image of his father with dark brown hair and eyes that seem to change colour depending on his mood. Steve wanted to name him after a football player, but i didn't mind because i wanted to name him after a movie star, he ended up being named after Vinnie Jones and Vin Diesel because that was the only name we could agree on. Vinnie plays football for his school and also plays for the U-13's where we live.

    When we decided to have our third, hoping for a girl, just 18 months later we were shocked to discover i was already a month pregnant with quads and all of them were girls. Alexandria Logan-Raye, Arianna Lyndsie-Jaye, Aneliesa Leonie-Maye & Andromeda Lucy-Kaye. All their post has the A and then the second part of their middle names to ease confusion. The girls go by Lexi, Anna, Liea(Lee) & Andi. They are 10 years old
    Lexi & Andi are identical as are Liea and Anna. Lexi & Andi have light brown hair, blue eyes and are very intellectual. They would both prefer to read books or write stories than watch TV. Anna & Liea have blonde hair and blue eyes and watch TV more than their sisters but they both do well in school.
    Alexandria was named after the city in Egypt where the biggest library in the world was before it burnt down. Arianna's middle name Lyndsie comes from her Dad's Aunt (Lynsie). Aneliesa was named after my cousin-in-law (Aneliese) and my sister-in-law (Leonie). Andromeda was named after the constellation and Kaye comes from my Aunt (Kay).

    We decided to have a 4 year break and i went on the pill as well as using other protection. However it failed and two years later i was giving birth to Samuel Geoffrey & Thomas William (now 8). Sam has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes and Tom has white-blonde hair and brilliant blue eyes. I don't know where he got the shade of blue from but the blonde hair comes from my Dad. Sam was named after Steve's Uncle (Geoff) and Tom was named after Steve's Grandad (William). Sam is very smart without trying to be and Tom works very hard at school and is the best behaved of all of our children. Tom is the Peacekeeper of the family.

    18 months later Emily Jane & Freddie John were born. Emily gets on very well with her older sisters, she is the image of her Dad with dark brown hair and dark blue eyes. Freddie is the image of me as a child with blonde hair and blue eyes. Both kids wear glasses. Emily is always getting Freddie into trouble. Emily was named after my Aunt (Tara Jane) and Freddie was named after his Dad (Steven John). They are 6 years old.

    At a party a 3 months after Emily & Freddie were born Steve and I got a little tipsy and ended up getting pregnant with another set of boy/girl twins Liam Derek & Lucy Caroline. Both kids are as naughty as each other. They have green eyes from my mum and blonde hair from my dad. Liam is named after my Dad (Derek) and Lucy is named after my Mum (Caroline). They are 5 years old

    3 years later we had triplets Logan James Harry, Ethan Leslie Ryan Gary & Kaden Jamie Mark. All three are identical with dark brown hair, blue eyes and they look the image of their father. Logan is the naughtiest, with Ethan a close second but Kaden is a good boy. Logan was named after my brothers (James & Harry). Ethan was named after my Uncle's (Leslie & Gary) and oldest brother (Ryan) and Kaden was named after my Uncle (Mark) and Brother-in-law (Jamie-Lee). They are 2 years old.

    And the baby of the family is only our third single baby, whom is also a boy Caleb Mackenzie Hart. He had an identical twin whom died in the womb. Caleb is only 4 months old and has blonde hair and blue eyes. His twin brother we named Oliver. Caleb was born at 6 weeks premature due to the other baby dying. Caleb isn't named after anyone and neither is Oliver.

    Rae(35) & Steve(39)
    Alexandria, Arianna, Aneliesa & Andromeda(10)
    Samuel & Thomas(8)
    Emily & Freddie(6)
    Liam & Lucy(5)
    Logan, Ethan & Kaden(2)
    Caleb{& Oliver}(4mths)

    Mummy to my little Egyptian Sun God RA (9/1/10)
    & Girlfriend to his Red Devil Daddy Steve (Since 26/4/08)

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    Re: You Have Multiples! Tell us your Story!

    Hi, my name is Claire, and my husbands name is David, or Dave. We have twin girls (age 7), and we also have 3 other kids:
    Madelyn Claire: 10 (Madie)
    Jane Malia and Elizabeth Marie: 7 (Janie and Beth)
    Benjamin David: 5 (Ben)
    Rosemary Catherine: 3 on May 26, 2010 (Rosie)
    We chose the twins names after our MIPs (Most Inspirational People), mine, Malia, is after my middle school french teacher, who inspired me to have kids. His is after his aunt Marie, who inspired him to become a doctor. Jane is after Jane Fonda, who we see as a role model and Elizabeth is after Queen Elizabeth. We love all of our kids names, and we would never change them. Congrats!

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