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    No Ilan is here!

    No Ilan was born on April 7 at 0.54 in the morning! He was 3.58 kg and 53 cm and absolutely perfect in every way! We're home now and doing well although I still haven't mastered the technique for changing a diaper without getting peed on :-)

    Thanks to all of the name berrites who helped us with his name, he is definitely a No, already very peaceful and very alert! We wanted a french name (dh is french speaking swiss and french is our family language) that also reflected my jewish background and we like vowels (obviously). When we learned that No (Noah) is credited with inventing wine it was the cherry on top :-) .

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    Re: No Ilan is here!

    Wonderful news, warmest congratulations!
    Psalm 23

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    Re: No Ilan is here!


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    Re: No Ilan is here!

    Congratulations! No Ilan is such a cool name!

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    Re: No Ilan is here!

    I love his name- congratulations and I hope all is well!

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