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    May 2012
    Favorite girl names of the moment: Cecilia, Eleanor, Amelia, Violet, Charlotte, and Ramona

    Favorite boy names of the moment: Henry, Micah, Jack, Elijah, Owen, and Jonah

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    bailibsmum Guest

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    West Midlands, UK
    I'd probably have them five years apart so as each set of triplets are fully settled in school before more babies come along! Tobias Henry and Sebastian James and Jeremy Keith (all 10). Sidney Alexander and Albert Seymour and Edmund Nikolai (all 5). Roberta Ellie and Erika Mary and Leigh Vivienne (all new born). ~~ Tobais, Seb, Jem, Sidney, Alby, Edmund, Bobby, Erika, and Leigh. (All middle names with the exception of Alexander are family/honouring names)
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    GGG: 4 years
    1. Molly Margaret
    2. Josephine Claire (nn: Josie/Posie)
    3. Maisie Francesca

    BBB: 2 years
    1. Jude Thaddeus
    2. Daniel Dominic
    3. Seth Ford

    GGG: newborns
    1. Tallulah Grace
    2. Gwendolyn Lauren
    3. Cara Faire

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    My favs: GIRLS:Nadia, Oceana, Ceraphina, Hania, Sasha, Natalia, Gavrielle, Inez, Azaleigha, Arabella

    BOYS: Blaize, Caspian, Silas, Lysander/Lyzander, Marcos, Emileo, Tru, Zaccheus, Tobias, Syre, Josiah, Sebastion

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