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Thread: Anagram Names

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    Anagram Names

    Basically, we're going to make a list of anagramed sets of
    names. You can post as many as you can think of. I'll start:

    Alice- Celia- Lacie
    Lissa- Silas
    Caroline- Coraline- Cornelia

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    Re: Anagram Names

    Here's the mother of all anagram names list:


    -- Nephele

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    Diana, Aidan, Nadia
    Diane, Aiden
    Marcia, Ciara M. (I know, that one doesn't really work...)
    Mya, Amy
    Lia, Ali
    Ally, Lyla
    Alli, Lila
    Lyle, Elly
    Ronald, Roland
    Carla, Clara
    -Caroline Gabrielle K.



    Augustine "Auggie", Theodore "Theo", George, Benjamin (Ben, Benjie, Benny), Francis "Frankie", Hamish.
    Evangeline "Annie", Eloise / Elizabeth "Ella", Kathleen "Katie / Kate",

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