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    Me: Jasey Rae Payne
    DH: Jeremy Alexander Payne

    DS: Leon Alexander Payne - Leo is our 5 year old son. He is a playful, energetic, and rambunctious little boy. He LOVES dragons and runs around pretending to be a dragon all the time.

    DS: Lachlan Michael Payne - Lach is 3 and is very quite and shy. He likes playing with building blocks and silently tormenting his older brother. But he is as sweet as can be to his baby sisters.

    DD/DD: Leah Arianna Payne and Lydia Mackenzie Payne - Lee and Lyd are our babies. They just turned 1 and are the sweetest little girls in the world. They are both super super smart. Leah is learning how to talk, but not to walk. While Lydia is learning to walk, and not talking. They are sure to have bright futures ahead of them.

    Lee and Lyd:

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    Hi, I'm Molly Anna Madigan. I'm a thirty-eight year old engineer for Disney World in Florida, I design rides hotels and hide Mickey heads for money, it's pretty amazing. My amazing husband is Kellan Rhys Madigan, he's brilliant and older than he wants to be at forty-two, he works as a chemistry professor at a local university.
    Here's a picture of us at our wedding:

    We have eight children all of which are beautiful, talented and strange beyond belief. Our eldest is seventeen, he may or may not have been a honeymoon baby, but that's not important anymore. His name is Dalton Thomas Madigan, Dalton for my uncle who died young and Thomas for my grandfather who meant a great deal to me, he taught me how to write really well and how to make fruit pancakes and such. Dalton himself is brilliant and very protective of his younger siblings, when he graduates he wants to become a police officer.
    Here's a picture of him:

    Our second child, first girl is twelve, her name's Vivienne Maria. Vivienne is named for my mother Vivian Marie. Vivienne is a daddy's girl and very much her father's daughter, she wants to follow in Kellan's footsteps and become a chemistry professor.
    Here's Vivienne:

    Next is our ten year old William Christian, he loves playing football, soccer to you yanks. He loves watching BBC and is in love with Jeremy Brett's Sherlock, he wants to be a consulting detective when her grows up.
    Our dear William:

    Seven year old Cordelia Isabelle, we call her Cora, is next. She loves reading and being read to especially the Little House on the Prairie, she loves learning about history and scribbling in her notebooks.
    Our Avatar Cora:

    Next came our twins Alice Genevieve & Alexia Prudence who are five now, they are both disney-lovers, which is an addiction I fully support. They have marched in ten of Disney's parades and love to 'help' the princess get ready for going out into the park.
    Princess Alice:
    Princess Alexia:

    Our youngest boy is two year old Isaac Augustus, I think he's going to be an architect or engineer like me, he loves playing with duplo (the toddler legos) and building castles.
    Mini me:

    Our littlest is a girl named Miranda Violet she was born in May and loves laughing and rolling around the floor
    Abhla | Alice | Audrey | Beatrice | Cecilia | Constance | Cordelia | Eilís | Genevieve | Gráinne | Harriet | Helena | Honora | Iris | Isolde | Ivy | Juno | Louise | Maud | Moira | Orla | Rosalind | Síomha | Tuathla | Veronica

    Alexander | Amargein | Bran | Ciaran | Cillian | Elias | Ephraim | Emmet | Everett | Fiachra | Fionn | Isaac | James | Joseph | Jude | Julian | Kellan | Lonan | Nolan | Oisín | Orson | Patrick | Ronan | Ruaidrí | Thomas

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    DH: Dominic Samuel Rivera (36)
    DW: Miranda Jane Rivera (33)

    DD: Natalya Winter Rivera (9)

    DD/DS: Daphne Aria Rivera & Alexander Jude Rivera(6)

    DS: Solomon Blue Rivera (3)

    DD: Rosalie Ivy Hope Rivera (NB)

    2 Greyhounds- Rigby (m) & Juniper (f)
    1 Black Cat- Houdini (m)

    My Little Family:
    Nico (Papi), Mandy (Mama), Naya, Daphne, Xander, Solomon & Rue
    Rigby, Juni & Houdini
    ♣ Alexander (Alec) ♣ Britton (Brit) ♣ Camden ♣ Grant ♣ Jonathan (Jem) ♣ Theodor (Theo) ♣

    ♥ Cassandra/Cassia (Cass) ♥ Isabelle (Belle) ♥ Jessamine (Jessa) ♥ Marina ♥ Regina (Ren) ♥

    ♠ Archer ♠ Arrow ♠ August ♠ Branch ♠ Blue ♠ Everest ♠ Grey ♠ Nile ♠ North ♠ Quill ♠ Reef ♠ Ridge ♠ Rye ♠ Storm ♠ Thames ♠ West ♠
    ♦ Abbey ♦ Bay ♦ Claire ♦ Coral ♦ Cove ♦ Ireland ♦ Ivy ♦ June ♦ Olive ♦ Rome ♦ Story ♦ True ♦ Wren ♦

    Mama to a kitty named Arion Blu

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    Lethbridge, Alberta
    My name is Alice Ophelia King. I am 36 years old and work as a head animator for Disney Studios. I am an only child, was born in Thibodaux, Louisiana but moved to Spokane, Washington and then to Lethbridge, Alberta with my mother when I was five. The hatred I felt for that town was monumental, so as soon as I turned eighteen I moved to New Orleans (my favorite place in the world).

    Twelve years ago I married a 42 year old man named Dante Roman King whom I met whilst on vacation in Provence, France. He is a very successful entrepreneur and rakes in quite a large sum, so we live very comfortably in our house on St. Charles Street. His birthplace is Savannah, Georgia and is the oldest of three boys. We met in a tiny bookstore and in a ridiculously cliche series of events I knocked over a stack of hardcovers and he helped me pick them up. We got to talking and figured out we had the same favorite books and authors, made plans to go out for coffee the next day, and everything kind of snowballed from there. How could I say no? He had the most amazing Southern accent I had ever heard!

    The house:

    Our first child came just three weeks before my twenty third birthday, and we named he Beatrice Emmeline. She had beautiful dark hair and intense grey eyes.

    When Beatrice was two and a half, Dante and I could tell she was getting a little lonely, so we started to try for another child. I got pregnant right away and exactly nine months later a baby boy was born. We named him August Lysander, and he was always very happy and energetic.

    Three years later all of us decided it was time for another addition to the family, but not a child this time - a four year old Dalmatian! I refused to give him any other name than Pongo (I really do love my job!), so Pongo he was.

    When Beatrice was fourteen and August was twelve, Dante and I made a decision to have just one more child. There was a little trouble getting pregnant, but a healthy baby girl was born to us. We named her Clementine Magnolia, and for whatever reason she has synesthesia.

    We are a very happy family, and wouldn’t change a thing about our lives. But we are thinking of getting another dog... maybe an Italian Greyhound!

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    My name is Jessie May White and I am 37 years old. For 17 years now I have been with my partner, Asa George White, and we live in a nice house in Cornwall, southern England. Asa is 38 now and was my first love. We met when we were in primary school, but even then I knew we would end up together. Here is us a few months ago,149

    Together we have 10 children. Our oldest is Sailor Reese and she has just turned 14. She is really into music and songwriting and plays the piano and guitar. When she grows up she wants to be a famous singer songwriter. Her she is with her beloved guitar by the beach

    Two years after Sailor we had our twin boys, Easton Jermaine and Booker Jacoby. They're fraternal, not identical. Easton is very clever and loves reading. He is the more introverted twin. Booker, on the other hand, is loud and outgoing. He loves sport, especially football. Here is Easton and Booker

    Our second daughter, Ashling Connelly, was born three years later. She came three months premature and is our miracle baby. When she was born she suffered some brain damage that left her unable to walk. Still, she doesn't let her wheelchair hold her back!

    Tolliver Beckett was born just 1 year after Ash. At first we were hesitant in case this baby was premature as well, but the pregnancy went to plan and gave us a healthy baby boy. He has such a kind heart and loves animals. This is him and his dog, Rocky

    3 years later we had our second set of multiples, Brinsley Alice, Barrett Pasha and Oakley Imogen. Oakley and Brinsley are identical and all three of them are best friends! All of them have so much energy and love running around and playing with their siblings, especially Ash and Tolly. Here is the three of them playing in the leaves

    Our two year old son is Cedar Gabriel and he was also born very premature and has some trouble breathing. He is still very bubbly and loves playing outside.

    We have just had our last child, a beautiful baby girl named Fable Bryony. We hope she grows up to be the best person she can be, just like her siblings. This is her

    Jessie (37) and Asa (38)
    Sailor (14)
    Easton and Booker (12)
    Ashling (9)
    Tolliver (8)
    Brinsley, Oakley and Barrett (5)
    Cedar (2)
    Fable (2 months)
    - LittleMissGeek

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