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    My name is Ebony Anne Morgan 34 and your husband is William Samuel Baker 35 we have been married for 10 years.
    we have 8 children.

    our first is a little girl who is now 11. Her name is Isobel Jamesie Rose but nicknamed Bella. She is named after my grandma and nana and his grandma. She has blonde hair and blue eyes and loves reading but hates her name being spelt wrong and used to hate the spelling until she learnt the meaning of it to me and doesn't want to be an Isabelle anymore. Bella loves reading. This is a photo of Bella at her school play.
    This is what her room looks like

    next was a little girl who is now 9. Her name is Sophie Anne Marie but nicknamed Soph. Sophie is named for my Anne is a family middle name and his nana Sophie doesn't like having a common name but I have loved it ever since I was 11 so she understands. She looks like her dad and is a little bit of a tomboy. Here is a picture of Soph watching her sister ride.
    This is what her room looks like (the computers are all of the children's just kept in her room)

    My next was another girl who is now 7. Her name is Miranda Grace Samantha but nicknamed Mia. Mia's name I have loved forever andGrace is my great-grandma and Samantha is after her dad whose middle is Samuel. Mia has brown hair and brown eyes and is a spitting image of her father which is why her middle is Samantha. She loves reading and writing. This is a picture of her before her aunts wedding.

    This is what her bedroom looks like:

    My next is a girl who is now 5. Her name is Ellen Louise Catherine nicknamed Ellie. Louise is after my sister and Catherine is after his sister. Ellie is a spitting image of Mia. But Ellie loves watching disney movies and dressing up. Ellie calls herself Cinderella sometimes after the princess.

    This is what her room looks like

    My youngest are twin boys now 18 months.There names are Eamon Harold James after my pop and James is a name that runs as a middle on both sides. The other is Tiago Bryan John after my grandad and his grandad. They are identical with brown hair and very curious. they love playing with there big sisters. Eamon is on the right and Tiago is on the left.

    This is what their rooms look like:
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    Me: I am Nicole Anessa VanBeau. I am 31 years old and a mother of 5 beautiful lovely children and an amazing husband of 10 years. I have 3 biological children and two adoptive daughters from China. I quit my job as a pediatrican to stay home and raise my children.

    Husband: His name is Sean Matthew VanBeau. He is 32 years old and has his a shared buisness with his father as an optometrist. He is the main supporter of the family and an amazing father. He loves spending as much time with the kids as much as possible.

    Our eldest son: His name is Caberlai Alexander Justin VanBeau. Nickname is "Cabe". He is 6 years old and loves playing sports. He plays hockey in the winter and football during the summer. He loves playing with his younger siblings but can be a real rebel when he wants to. ::

    Our second: His name is Zaiden Matthew VanBeau. He is 4.5 years old and loves to dirtbike and quad. Zaiden and Caberlai are close and love doing everything together. ::

    Our third child: Her name is Audrie-Rae Lucille VanBeau. Nickname is "Rae-Rae" She is 2.5 years old. She is very energetic and a wild child! she loves to get dirty and have fun with her older brothers. ::

    Our twin daughters: We have twin daughters that we adoptive from China. Violet Anessa VanBeau and Ellery Nicole VanBeau "Ellie". They are 6 months old and were adoptive from China when they were 4 months. They have both very different personalities. Violet is a daddys girl and loves to play rought with her sister while Ellery is very quiet and loves being with mom. ::

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    My name is Jenna Marie Becker and my wonderful husband is Derek Lucas Becker. We have been married for fourteen years and were high school sweethearts. I am thirty four and he is thirty five. Right now we live in western Colorado but we just recently moved here from rural Missouri. We have nine children, seven biological and two adopted. We also have two puppies, both huskies.

    This is Derek and I:,2353

    Our house:,1326

    Griffon and Mocha, our husky pups:

    When I was twenty one I had our first child, Cheyenne Marie. She's a girly girl who loves being a junior mom to all her siblings.

    One year later I gave birth to our first set of twins, fraternal boys, Kyler Trey and Taylor Keith. Kyler loves the outdoors and tends to be rougher than Taylor, who is quieter and more observant.,144

    It was six years after the boys were born before Derek and I ended up with another child. Brice Andrew is slightly autistic. He loves music and is a talented piano player. He also is very connected with our dogs. In fact he is the reason we got the dogs in an effort to hlep him connect emotionally with someone/something.

    Two years after Brice, we were blessed with our identical twin accidents. Zachary and Nicholas are our little monsters. They are rambunctious and rowdy. They love playing outside in the tree house and would eat PB&J for every meal if I let them.

    We had our hands full with our crowd of kids. But low and behold, two years later I gave birth to Bailey Erin. She is a little spitfire who loves to trail her youngest brothers wherever they go.

    After Bailey, Derek and I decided we were done. Our house was full to brimming and we didn't want to add to it. About that time one of my coworkers introduced me to an adoption agency website. Before I clicked on the first names I knew I would fall in love with the pictures I saw. Knowing that I still clicked and sure enough the picture of the two smiling brothers in India in need of a home tugged at my heartstrings. Derek took a little convincing but I finally got him on board to adopt the boys, ages four and six. Soon we traveled to India and brought home Falak Irya and Ajay Balu to join our family.

    Our complete family consists of Derek and I, Cheyenne (12), Kyler (11), Taylor (11), Ajay (6), Brice (5), Falak (4), Zach (3), Nick (3), and Bailey (11 months)

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    My name is Elsie (Elle) June McCollough. I am 33 years old. I have been married for 14 years to my husband and have 4 beautiful children. We met when I was training to be a RN in the military.

    My husband is called Declan Liev McCollough. He is 35 Years old. He is in the military.

    Our first baby, a boy, was born on November 19th 2017. He weighed 8lbs 14 oz. He is now 10 Years Old. He loves being outside. He loves to read and is a smart young boy. He has brown has and blue eyes.
    His name is Jameson Reid McCollough

    Our second baby, a boy was born on July 3rd 2019. He weighed 8lbs 5oz. He is our little free spirit. He is very layed back and calm. He is a momma's boy. His name is Jasper Lowell McCollough. And he is now 8 years old. Oh and did I mention he likes bugs?

    Our third baby, another boy, was born on September 12th 2021. He weighed 8lbs. He is almost 6 years old. He is our little athlete. He loves to try any sport. Although at the moment he loves soccer. He is game for anything and will try anything. His name is Bowen Samuel McCollough.

    We get moved to a different military base and my husband gets promoted. We settle onto a new base in a house like this.

    We think we are done with children. So we get 3 new dogs. Their names are Marlee (girl), Canon and Gage

    When our youngest is 5, we get a lovely surprise. We are having a baby.

    Our fourth baby, a little girl is born into our family. She weighs 7lbs and has a head of dark hair and lovely blue eyes. She is a happy baby and very calm, but she knows exactly what she wants. She is 7 weeks old.
    Her name is Guilia Mabel McCollough.

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    My name is Elsie Jane Butler (Elle). I am 35 years old. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. My mother is British and my father is American. I was born in the UK, and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. I met my husband Chase Anderson Butler through a mutual friend on vacation. Chase has light brown hair and hazel eyes. He was brought up in Seattle, WA. We fell in love and 6 months later we got married. I was 19 and he was 22. We now live in Seattle, WA!,468

    Our first child was born four years after we got married. His name is Logan North Butler. He is very athletic and currently plays football and hockey. He is now 12 years old and just like his dad!

    Two years later we had our second son! His name is Jameson Reid Butler (Mason). He is very intelligent. He loves being outdoors and much like his older brother, he is athletic. He currently plays soccer. He is now 10 years old!

    Two years later we had our third son! His name is Brigham Grey Butler (Brig). He loves to ride his bike and try to do some stunts. He is our little dare devil. He is now 8 years old and the life of the party!

    Three years later we had our fourth child. A little girl. Her name is Charlotte Jane Butler (Lottie). She is our little princess. Loves pink, make up and frilly things. She is little miss sassy pants. She is now 5 years old.

    Two years later we had our fifth child. A little girl. Her name is Isla Guinevere Butler. She is our sweetie. She loves to read and write. She loves to snuggle and be outside. She is now 3 years old.

    Our sixth child came two years later. Another girl. Her name is Florence Esme Butler (Florrie). She is our beautiful 18 month old. She is a mommas girl. She loves to be sang to and just to toddle around.

    Our Family - Chase, Elsie, Logan, Jameson, Brigham, Charlotte, Isla and Florence.

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