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    Re: "Picture your children'

    Mother: Jillian Elizabeth Sorrentino

    Father: Nicholas Antonio Sorrentino

    Number of children: 23

    1. Boy-Sage Alaric Sorrentino

    2. Girl-Lily Rosaline Sorrentino

    3. Girl-Jessamine Blaire Sorrentino

    4. Girl-Helena Melora Sorrentino

    5. Boy-Declan Bennett Sorrentino

    6. Girl-Garnet Alessandra Sorrentino

    7. Girl-Aurora Faith Sorrentino

    8. Boy-Constantine William Sorrentino

    9. Boy-Orion Lysander Sorrentino

    10. Boy-Asher Jude Sorrentino

    11. Boy-Blake Hadrian Sorrentino

    12. Boy-Phoenix Chance Sorrentino

    13. Girl-Contessa Tiara Sorrentino

    14. Boy-Frazier Noah Sorrentino

    15. Boy-Fletcher Rhys Sorrentino

    16. Girl-Coralie Alice Sorrentino

    17. Boy-Gratian Pierce Sorrentino

    18. Boy-Malcolm Levi Sorrentino

    19. Boy-Kiernan Evander Sorrentino

    20. Girl-Sadie Caroline Sorrentino

    21. Girl-Evangeline Love Sorrentino

    22. Boy-Truman Sterling Sorrentino

    23. Girl-Seraphina Star Sorrentino

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    Re: "Picture your children'

    Me: Lindsey Ann Edwards-Nakamura, 37 years old, a stay at home mom and biology PhD student.

    Husband: Ren Takumi Nakamura, 38 years old, a scientific researcher.

    Son 1: Julian Iku Colin Nakamura (Jude), 8 years old.

    Daughter 1: Claire Sakura Alice Nakamura, 6 years old.

    Son 2: Miles Kenzo Oliver Nakamura (Milo), 4 years old.

    Daughter 2: Violet Hanako Eloise Nakamura, 2 years old.

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    Re: "Picture your children'

    My name is Bae Catherine Fiasca, I am 34 year old with dark brown hair & blue eyes. With my husband, I have 15 children, all ours. I am a very artistic person, when I was younger I always wanted to either become a make up artist or a fashion designer, although, I am now I stay at home mommy. I love being here 24/7 to take care of my children. They mean everything to me.

    I have a wonderful husband, Scott Anderson Fiasca, who is 35 years old. He has bright green/blue eyes & brown hair. He owns his family's buisness. He is a wonderful father to our children.,2067,3933,469

    At 18, we had our first son,Zayne Alexander Fiasca. Although it is a young age, I do not regret my son. He is tall,16 year old, has dark brown hair & brown eyes. He plays football, basketball, and baseball. Obviously he is a very athletic kid. He is a very genuinley sweet kid. He loves all his younger siblings and is big help with them.

    When I was 19, about to turn 20, I had twin girls, Scarlett Madelaine Fiasca & Violet Arianna Fiasca. They are both 15,other than them looking the same, they act exactly the same. They are very wild, outgoing and friendly. They just love being around people, and have tons of friends due to their friendliness. They do everything together! Also, they both do cheerleading for their high school & an all star team. They love it more than anything.They have curly brown hair & brown eyes.

    We waited a couple years after the twins and had another wonderful baby girl. We named her Elaina Adalie Fiasca, she goes by Lainey. Lainey is a very ambitious girl, if she wants something, she goes for it without hesitation. Elaina is 13 and she does dance, on the competition team! She is an outstanding dancer and just completely shines on stage. She is a very shy girl & unlike the twins, only has a few friends. Lainey is tall, has blonde hair & bright blue eyes.

    When I turned 23, I got pregnant with triplets! 9 months later I delivered 2 boys and 1 girl. I named them, Preston Cato Fiasca, Owen Frederick Fiasca, & Fallan Aurelia Fiasca. They are 11 years old. Preston is a very intelligent child, he is very gifted in all his academics, Owen takes after Zayne and is very into sports, & Fallan is the biggest girly girl I have ever met in my entire life.
    Owen- light blonde hair, blue eyes;
    Preston- light brown hair & blue eyes;
    Fallan-tan, blue eyes, brown hair;

    Two years after the triplets were born, I got pregnant with another little boy! His name is Nicolas Asher Fiasca, goes by Nicco. He is now 9 years old & loves soccer. Nicco has dark brown hair & gray/green eyes.

    After Nicolas, me & my husband wanted another little boy & we got one! Penn Ryder Fiasca. He is 8 years old and loves everyone, he is the sweetest little boy. But, just as much as he loves people, Penn really loves animals and the outdoors. He has light brown hair & brown eyes.

    We waited yet another 2 years and decided we wanted another little baby, but, we got quintuplets instead!!They are 6 years old now. Three girls & two boys. We names them, Elodie Serphina, Gemma Skylar, Stella Ashton, Emmett Cole, & Troy Lucas. All the little girls do gymnastics, and the boys haven't taken interest in any activities yet, they're just boys being boys.
    Elodie-dark brown hair, brown eyes, pale,short for her age, looks very different then the other quints;
    Gemma- dark blond hair, blue eyes, huge beautiful smile;
    Stella-Long blond hair, blue eyes;
    Emmett-long blond hair, blue eyes-
    Troy-Curly blond hair, hazel eyes;

    3 years later, I wanted just one more little one. Me and DH named her, Evangeline Olivia Fiasca. She is now three, and although so young, she has so much personality! She is our last daughter, and last child. She is wrapped around all of her older sibling's fingers! They love her. We call her Vannie, our daughter Fallan started calling her that and it just kind of stuck! Vannie has bright blue eyes and brown hair!

    That's my wonderful family!
    Mommy of Aubrie Skye & Kenzey Noelle
    baby girl #3 on the way(:

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    Re: "Picture your children'

    (I used a dice for # of children and genders...)

    My name is Hannah Leigh Powers, and I'm 42. I work as a high school art teacher and have been married to Jonas Samuel Powers, 43, for seventeen years. Jonas is a police officer in the K-9 division. I have blonde hair and blue eyes, and Jonas has brown hair and brown eyes.

    Jonas and I:

    Together we have 8 wonderful children. Our oldest child is Jericho Donald Powers, 15. Jericho is nothing like everyone said a teenager would be. He's very focused on school and is very respectful even when he disagrees with us. He is on the lacrosse team and is an outdoorsy person. He wants to be a park ranger when he gets older. This is Jericho with his girlfriend, Lanie (Elaine):

    Our second child was a girl. Susannah Beth Powers "Sanna" was born just after Jericho turned two and is now 13. She is also not your typical moody teenager although she has her moments. Sanna gets average grades in school, but she excels at art, especially photography. We bought her her first real camera for her birthday and she is hooked. She even did her favorite cousin's wedding photography! Here is one of Sanna's self-portraits:

    Then nature surprised us and gave us twins! Identical twin girls Clementine Ruth Powers "Clem" and Daisy Rebekah Powers are ten years old. They are mirror-image twins, which means what one does on the right, the other does on the left and vice versa (for example, Clem is left-handed and Daisy is right-handed). Clem is the more sporty twin. She is outgoing and tomboyish and loves to play soccer. Daisy on the other hand is quieter by nature and loves reading. The only time she is ever loud is when she's cheering her sister on in soccer! Here is Daisy and Clem:

    Another girl followed the twins, which left poor Jericho and Jonas totally outnumbered! Vera Catherine Powers is seven and a total ham. Her favorite things to do are gymnastics and cheerleading, so like her older brother, she's very athletic. Jericho once convinced his coach to let Vera's cheer squad cheer at one of their home games and they were a hit! Vera is a little actress and is Sanna's favorite model. Here she is posing for some practice photos by Sanna:

    With no hope of ever escaping all the estrogen in our house, we welcomed Sloane Arabella Powers two years later. She is now five and is a little clone of her father. Not only does she have his brown hair and eyes, but Sloane is absolutely fearless. She broke her arm climbing a tree when she was three, and before the cast was even off she tried climbing that same tree and broke it all over again. She is always asking questions about everyone and everything and is a precocious child. Here is Sloane in a rare moment of quiet (right before she asks what bubbles are made of!):

    For my husband's sake, I agreed to try for one last boy... and we got him! August Matthew Powers was born three years after Sloane and is now 2. He is very bright, but definitely a mama's boy. August is the sensitive child who loves cuddles and tries to take care of everyone. Fortunately, he has a very understanding older brother who doesn't mind being followed around by a toddler. Here is August with his teddies Blue and Bubba (he can't sleep without them):

    And then we had an accident! Fortunately it was another boy, not quite enough to tip the scales back to even in terms of gender, but at a family of ten we decided enough was enough. Frederick Jonas Powers "Fritz" is currently nine months old and is a very happy baby. Besides Sloane, he is the only other child with brown hair and brown eyes, all the others are blonde! Here is Fritz -- Sanna decided to put a fake moustache on him for some photos:
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

    avatar by *moogley-mog

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    Re: "Picture your children'

    Me: My name is Lila Katherine Danvers. I'm 23 years old and the mother of two. I grew up in southern California with my parents and a younger brother. I graduated from university about a year ago with a degree in political science. I live in a three-bedroom apartment in northern California and I'm currently working at the local bookstore while attending law school. The kids attend daycare or stay with their dad or my parents while I'm in class or at work, but they are with me most of the time.

    The Ex: The father of my children is Clayton "Clay" Oliver James. He's 24 years old and he was my college boyfriend. We dated for almost three years before calling it quits shortly after our second child was born. After our relationship ended, we were able to stay on civil terms. He lives with his brother and his brother's girlfriend. He gets the kids every other weekend and every Wednesday (my long day of classes), a schedule we worked out on our own. (Sometimes he has them an extra day or two if he asks and I haven't already made plans with them.) He's working as a mechanic at his dad's garage while he's finishing his master's degree in architecture. He didn't start out as a really involved father, but he's matured a lot in the past few years and doesn't mind pitching in quite as much.

    Oldest: Bentley Abel Danvers James, 2 years old. I gave birth to Bentley in June after I finished my junior year in college. Having a baby made finishing school much more difficult than it would have been had I not had a baby, but I wouldn't trade the experience for the world. I love him so much more than I ever imagined I could. I was never sure I wanted to be a mother before I found out I was pregnant and as hard as it can be sometimes, I now can't believe that there was a time where I was considering not having children. It's amazing and challenging and so rewarding.

    Youngest: Emilia Gracyn Danvers James, 3 1/2 months old. I got pregnant with Em after I graduated from college. It made my first year of law school extremely difficult, but when she finally arrived, it was all worth it. She's already got her dad wrapped around her little finger. Bentley adores her (he's already such a protective big brother) and he can't wait for her to be old enough to really play with. She cries a lot more than Bentley ever did, but she's also easier to soothe. (When he throws a fit, it takes so much more effort to get him to relax.) All in all, we're lucky parents and we try to treasure every moment we spend with our kids, even the hard ones.

    Puppy: Summer, 11 weeks old. I don't know who took over my body, but I must have been out of my mind when I decided to adopt a dog. Clay had been trying to convince me for a long time that a dog would be a good source of protection and security for me since I was living alone with the kids a majority of the time. She's adorable, but she's a handful! Luckily, my brother is happy to help.

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