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    "Picture your children'

    All you need is a creative mind and wanting to have fun! Find pictures for you, your husband and your kids. Describe each in small or big detail up to you. You need to have at least 2 kids but other than that go ahead and have 40 if you like! You can use links or just the actual pics from photobucket.Please don't put pics of your real family up as this is just a game. Anyway have fun!

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    DW: Lillian Claire "Claire" - 34
    -July 14, 1997
    -brown hair, hazel eyes
    -loyal, dependable, caring, adaptable and responsive
    Picture 10.jpg
    my brother and I at Yellowstone Park

    DH: Noah Zachery "Noah" - 36
    -February 10, 1995
    -blond hair, blue eyes
    -witty, clever, humanitarian, inventive and original
    Picture 12.jpg
    him in his brand new hat

    DS: Ron Alexander "Ron" - 7
    -June 13, 2024
    -brown hair, blue eyes
    -excels at: art
    -energetic, clever, imaginative, witty and adaptable
    Picture 13.jpg
    he on Easter with his brand new pet

    DD: Joanne Claire "Jo" - 5
    -July 26, 2026
    -brown hair, hazel eyes
    -excels at: academics
    -confident, ambitious, generous, loyal and encouraging
    Picture 14.jpg
    she loved all the little flowers in the field at Grandma's house

    DS: Nicolas James "Nic" - 4
    -January 1, 2027
    -blond hair, hazel eyes
    -excels at: music
    -responsible, patient, ambitious, resourceful and loyal
    Picture 15.jpg
    he's going to break some hearts one day

    DD: Isabel Leslie "Isabel" - 2
    -October 8, 2029
    -blond hair, blue eyes
    -excels at: sports
    -diplomatic, graceful, peaceful, idealistic and hospitable

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    My name is Cleo True Mays. My husband is Ty Donald Mays. We are both 35 and have been married for 10 years.

    I had a little girl from before I met Ty. Her father chose not to be in her life, and she was only 8 months when Ty came into our lives so he has been like a father to her.

    Her name is Violet Adira Mays and she is 10 years old, almost 11. Her middle name, Adira, means "strong". She was a very premature baby, and they did not think she would live, but she was a strong little girl and pulled through. Now she is mommy's helper and loves taking care of the other kids.

    After we had been married for about 1 year, and Vi was 20 months, I found out I was pregnant with a little boy! We named him Benjamin East. East was because my family is from the East Coast of Canada, and that is where I grew up and have very fond memories of. Ben is now 9 and is very studious! He loves to read and is shy but when pulled out of his shell, very lively!

    When Ben was 2 and Vi was almost 4, we decided to have one last baby. I became pregnant very quickly, and we were happy to hear we were having another little girl! We named her Cassia Cecilia. Cecilia was after my aunt who passed away days before Cassie's birth. Cassie is a fireball and full of energy!

    We thought we were done having kids! Vi, Ben & Cassie were now 9, 7, 5. But then my sister had a baby! She named her Zenobia Pace and was such a joy. Suddenly, I had the baby bug! We weren't able to get pregnant on our own, so we turned to fertility treatments. We knew there was a chance of having twins, but we never imagined we'd end up with triplets!!!

    We got 2 girls and 2 boys! Their names are Freya Vivienne, Tallulah Beatrix, and Oliver Frederick. Each of their middle names is a family name.

    We love our family of 8! Vi, Ben, Cassie, Freya, Tally & Ollie!

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    My name is Lindsay Christina Livingston and this is my husband Jensen Edward Livingston on our wedding day

    Since then we have had 28 children. Some are biological and some are adopted. My husband is a writer and sold multiple famous screenplays and we are very well off financially. I am a stay at home mom. This is a picture of our house:

    DS 1: Dean Michael -18

    DS: 2: Clifford "Cliff" Darren - 18 (adopted from Korea)

    DS 3: Dominic "Nico" Matthew - 17 (quadruplet 1)

    DS 4: -Jensen Edward Jr. - 17 (quadruplet 2)

    DD 1: Charlotte Adele - 17 (quadruplet 3)

    DD 2: Victoria "Tori" McKenzie - 17 (quadruplet 4)

    DD 3: Anniston Claire - 16 (twin 1)

    DD 4: Estella "Stella" Scarlet -16 (twin 2)

    DS 5: William "Liam" Ross (Adopted from USA) -15

    DD 5: Philippa "Pippa" Jane - 14

    DD 6: Catherine Sienna - 13

    DS 6: Charles "Charlie" Andrew - 12

    DD 7: Bridget Molly -11 (twin 1)

    DS 8: Henry Joel -11 (twin 2)

    DS 9: Gabriel Joseph - 10 (adopted from Greece)

    DD 8: Chloe Sophia - 9 (adopted from Greece)

    DD 9: Paisley Josephine - 8

    DS 10: Channing August - 7

    DD 11: Milena "Mila" Indigo - 6 (adopted from USA & Liam's biological sister)

    DD 12: Audrina Paige - 6

    DD 13: Naomi Cheyenne - 5 (adopted from China)

    DS 11: Vincent Logan - 5

    DD 14: Autumn Skye - 4 (adopted from India)

    DS 12: Asa Blaise - 3 (adopted from Korea)

    DS 13 - Winchester John - 2

    DS 14: Logan Shane - 9 months
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    My name is Christine Lydia Hawthorne and my husband is Nathaniel "Nathan" Mark Hawthorne. This is us together on a hike during our honeymoon.

    Indiana "Indy" Jade Hawthorne (16) Full on tomboy, Indy wants to be in the army someday. She prepares by focusing on being fit and getting straight "A"s. She hates everything girly and prefers to rebel for something she believes in rather then going with the flow. She is a sports prodigy. She loves camping and adrenaline rushes. She resembles her father in personality and her hair color is similar to her paternal grandmother's original shade.

    Cassia Violet Hawthorne (14) Cassia, like her mother, loves to read and excels in academics. She loves being outdoors and tries to avoid arguments and fights. She is popular at school, sometimes bringing friends home without further notice. Although she has a busy social life, Cassia's priority is school. She holds study sessions with her friends and tutors them, not stopping until she is confident everyone understands the material completely.

    Bradley "Brad" Andrew Hawthorne (13) Brad is an outgoing boy who is the star of his football team. His dream is to become a professional football player. He hangs out with friends after games and practices to flirt with their female classmates who watch them play. He gets moderate grades and often gets tutored by his sister, Cassia, in math and Spanish.

    Wesley "Wes" Evan Hawthorne (11) Wesley looks up to his brother and sometimes tries to mimic him. He is a bit naive and shy to strangers, but warms up to them quickly. He loves basketball; idolizing Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. Besides sports, Wes is fond of writing, easily being able to come up with plots for stories or a solid argument for an essay. He can be stubborn at times, but saves his aggression for the basketball court.

    Amity Delphine Hawthorne (8) With hair that shines with mahogany, Amity takes on after her maternal grandmother. She is the pitcher of her softball team and isn't afraid to ask for help in improving her skills. She has a green thumb and maintains her own corner of the backyard garden. She loves sunflowers and carnations, but her favorite flower are red roses, giving them extra attention and care. She also has the best singing voice of her siblings.

    Juliet Alice Hawthorne (5) Juliet is a mini version of Amity. Though her hair is solid brown and she is only 5, Juliet loves to be around Amity and often points out certain similarities between them in the mirror. She loves her ballet class and often practices around the house. Her stubbornness and strong will is a nod towards her eldest sister, Indiana. Generally, Juliet is cheerful and always bouncing on the balls of her feet.

    Nathaniel "Nathan" Jason Hawthorne (1) Nathan is a generally happy baby that loves to be around loud, exciting music. He moves his hands with the beat and laughs along. He is usually carefree and rarely cries. He sleeps well and likes being on a schedule. He tries out new things, and experiments with his toys. He loves his bouncy chair and can easily stay in it for hours at a time.
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