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    "Picture your children'

    All you need is a creative mind and wanting to have fun! Find pictures for you, your husband and your kids. Describe each in small or big detail up to you. You need to have at least 2 kids but other than that go ahead and have 40 if you like! You can use links or just the actual pics from photobucket.Please don't put pics of your real family up as this is just a game. Anyway have fun!

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    Re: "Picture your children'

    Me: My name is Crystal Lee Gondall. I am 32 years old and I have light blonde hair and blue eyes. I am pregnant with triplets but already have 14 children.

    Husband: My husband's name is Joseph Luke Gondall. He has blondie brown hair and light blue eyes. He loves to play tennis, and teaches some of the older kids. He is only 32 years old and given up tennis as a pro already so he can get a job that would support our family and so he will be able to be home with us not travelling around the world.

    Our eldest daughter Rachel Lee Gondall is 17 years old. She has blonde hair dark blue eyes and a lovely smile. She love to go bike riding and is always helping out with the little kiddies when she can.

    Our next two are twins. Lucas Mitchell Gondall and Carter George Gondall are 16 but look a bit older than that. Lucas has straight brown hair where Carter has curly bornw hair. They both have light blue eyes. Both of them love to play soccer and have never lost a game.

    Then there is Jaymie Sue Gondall. She is 15 and acts like she is alot older. Jaymie is a huge tomboy and the name suits her. She hangs around with alot of boys and sometimes I get very scared that she is doing in-appropriet things with them. She never helps with the younger ones so she is nothing like Rachel, but she seems more a boy than my twin boys!

    After Jaymie I had quad boys! Micah Sean Gondall, Liam Mark Gondall, Korey Mannus Gondall and Samuel Wyatt Gondall. They are 9 years old.They all look very different but act the same.They are a great group when they are together and they stick up for each other.

    Then there is Kayley Samantha Gondall. She is only 8 years old and has slight Autism. She is a very quite girl and loves to read books, but she doesn't quite know how to talk very well so that is why she is so quite.

    Next is Jian Quo Wong Gondall. We adopted her from China after holidaying there with our eldest kids. She is 5 years old and is very mischevious.Even though she was adopted she has fit in quite well with our family.She loves to paint so we hope she will be a good artist when she grows up.

    After adopting Jian we couldn't help but adopt her little brother just so she will feel more part of the family having someone else who looks more like her. His name is Yuan Ming Chan Li Gondall. I love how his name is so long! He is an adorable baby. He is 2 years old.

    After adopting I decided to have some more children of my own. But it didn't work so we adopted another child but this time from Africa. His name is Dakarai Essien Gondall. He is three years old and loves to sit on this chair of mine

    Only a few weeks after adopting Dakarai I fell pregnant. Here is Sienna and Jamilia now at the age of 1

    The triplets:

    ^^ Noah David Gondall, Layne Thomas Gondall and Nathenial Joseph Gondall

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    Re: "Picture your children"

    Hi, I'm Kaitlin Amelia Holland. I'm the 34-year-old owner and director of a child care center called Visions. We cater primarily to children who are physically disabled (i.e., blind, deaf, et c.) and pair them up with a normally-developing "buddy" so that everyone is included. My husband is Christopher Ray Holland, 35. He is a forensic psychologist and a profiler for the FBI for the last six years. We've been married for fourteen wonderful years. This is us together:

    Together we have ten children! Our oldest is now thirteen, she was born just after our first anniversary. Her name is Susannah Damaris Faye Holland, but we call her Sunny for short. She has been taking vocal and guitar lessons for years. Sunny wants to be the next Taylor Swift.
    This is Susannah (laying down) with her best friend Abby:

    Our second was a little boy, who is now eleven. Ephraim Cyrus Dodge is his name. He loves to perform though and is in an advanced literature class because his favorite author is Shakespeare. Ephraim is a natural actor, so like his older sister Sunny he's going to go to the performing arts school once he hits ninth grade.
    This is Ephraim, always reading!:

    Then we had a surprise, and our third and fourth babies came along as twins! Identical twin girls Clementine Isadora Jane and Lorelei Arcadia Fantine are now barely ten. Lola is more innocent and shy whereas Clem is more sarcastic and witty. They both love to play soccer (especially when their teams compete against each other!).
    Here are Clem (yellow) and Lola (blue) in their soccer uniforms:

    When I was 26 our second son, Ezra Mason Wilder, was born. Ezra was born deaf and is my inspiration for opening the Visions center. His therapists suggested a pet to improve his self-esteem, so we got him a bulldog (his favorite) named Roxie a few months ago. She had three puppies ten weeks later, and we are keeping them all.
    Here's Ezra with his puppies:

    Ezra has always been a part of Visions and everyone there knows him. We paired him up with a little Japanese girl from a single-mother household and they became best friends. When she was eight months old her mother was killed in a horrible car accident, so Chris and I decided to adopt her. Her name is Hiroko Mai Chinatsu, but we mainly call her Hiro. She is now seven.
    Hiro at the playground:

    After we adopted Hiroko, Chris and I felt the need to help another at-risk child. Ten months later we found the perfect little newborn baby boy --- Karsen Filipp Myles was his birth name, but we 'fixed' it to Miles Edmond Carter 'Milo'. Like Ezra, Milo is deaf, and Ezra was thrilled to have a real 'signing buddy', as he calls him. Milo had a cochlear implant last year, but even though he can hear somewhat now he still communicates mostly in signs to stay connected to his older brother. He is now five.
    Miles (yes, that is an earring --- his ears were pierced when we brought him home at 3 mos old):

    Then, as a HUGE surprise, when I was 30 we found out we were pregnant with triplet girls! We hadn't expected to have any more kids, especially not another set of multiples, so things were really crazy for a long time. Then our girls were born and it was all worth it. They are fraternal, not identical. Miriam Geneva Ashley "Miri", Juniper Olivia Margaret "Junie", and Alice Jennaviva Simone "Elkie" are now 3 years old. They have strikingly different personalities, unlike Clem and Lola --- Miriam is a traditionalist, the little mommy of the trio; Juniper (like her name) is flirty and outdoorsy and marches to the beat of her own drummer; and Alice is the even-tempered triplet, artistic and sweet who just goes with the flow.
    From left to right, this is June-bug, Miri, and Alice:

    Thanks for visiting us :o)

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    Re: "Picture your children'

    Hi :)

    My name is Katherine Brooke Bishop. I am 36 years old and I'm a Radiologist Technician. I have been married for 16 years to Benjamin Jake Bishop. He is also 36 years old. He goes by Jake and he is a biomedical engineer. We met in college our freshman year and got married at the end of our sophomore year. This is a picture of us eating at a bed and breakfast with my older sister and her husband:

    We have 4 children and 2 on the way. Our oldest is Micah Samuel. He is 13 years old. He loves baseball and whne I say loves I mean obsessed. He keeps up with all the MLB team's stats. His favorite teams are the Texas Rangers and the Boston Redsox. He is the catcher and shortstop of his team. Here is a picture of him at his last game:

    Our second oldest child is William Noah Bishop. He goes by Liam or Will but mainly Will. He is 11 years old. He likes baseball, too but not as much as Micah, Will's real sport is football. He isn't as obsessed with it as Micah is baseball. He is the quarterback of his team. He takes after my dad.

    Our third child is 6 year old Samuel Jake Bishop. He likes , but not enough to play it. He is more of into riding bicycles and stuff like that. He is very quiet. Sometimes you don't even know he is in the room. He still hangs out with his brothers despite their age difference. Here is a picture of him:

    Our 4th child is daughter Madeline Kate Bishop. She goes by Maddie and she is 4 years old. She loves to draw and color. She is very artistic. She is like Samuel and is very quiet. She is also very easy going. She also takes after my dad. This is a picture of her:

    Then there our twins. We tried for a girl for Maddie and ended up with twin boys! There names are Andrew Charles and Jack Wyatt. Here is a picture of them:

    The one on the left is Andrew and the one on the right is Jack

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    Re: "Picture your children'

    · Me - My name is Heidi Patricia Megan Paola Phillips-Adams. I'm 36 years old and I'm a businesswoman, fashion consultant, runaway teacher and ex-model. I was born in New York and raised in Los Angeles with my parents ( Michele and Hunter ) and my 4 siblings ( Hugh, Line, Dietrich and Wendell ).

    · Husband - I've been married for 12 years to Albert James Daniel Adams. He's 37 and a very talented movies director. He is from San Diego. He loves traveling and listening to music.

    · Son - We met on a fashion event and since there we've been together. After 5 months of dating, i found myself pregnant.
    Nine months later I gave birth to a pretty and healthy boy named James Trust Adams.

    · Daughter - Four years later, James asked us about a sibling. So we decided to try again. Nine months later, I gave birth to a little girl named Alania Primus Adams.

    · Son - Three years have passed, and James kept asking for a little brother. So I found myself pregnant of my third kid. And surprise, a little BOY ! At the same date of James birth, I gave birth to Patrick Saint Adams ( they born at Saint Patrick's Day ).

    · Daughter - One years later, Coco Bravery Adams was born. It was a surprise and Alania felt in love.

    · Daughter - I was pleased with my four kids, when suddenly I found myself pregnant again. So on December 5th, 2009 I gave birth to Kathleen Pearl Adams.

    · Now my kids are healthy and beautiful look !
    - James and I
    - Danny and Alania
    - Patrick and I
    - Coco, Alania and I
    - Danny, Kath and I

    Hope u like it !

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