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    Re: I just wanted a small family.........

    Hello my name is Jillian Elizabeth Saunders
    I am only 15 Years old
    I was at a party last night and I think I am pregnant. The pregnancy test is positive!

    1. I slept with a boy named Daniel Raymond Santos. He is 16 years old. I don't know where he lives and I don't want to have this baby. I decide not to tell anyone about it and have an abortion. Three years later I am 18 years old and I fell in love with Peter Logan Myers. He has dark blue colored eyes and blond colored hair. I fell pregnant the night after he proposed to me. At our ultrasound I find out I am pregnant with identical twin girls. Nine months later I gave birth to:
    1. Celia Juliette
    2. Coralie Jewel

    My husband was called back to Iraq to fight in the war. Only a few days later I got a letter saying that he had died. The twins are now 2 years old when I fall in love with Dominic Emilio Sorrentino who already had identical twin boys himself. Their names were:
    1.Gratian Pierce
    2. Hunter Rhys
    and they were 3 years old.

    The day of my wedding he called it quits and ran away leaving me with the four kids who 3 years old (girls) and 4 years old(boys). Four months later I went to the doctor after having bad pains in my back and he told me that I was pregnant with quints! I couldn't believe it. When I was in hospital for 3 months for bed rest I fell in love with the nurse Jeremy Malcolm Danvers. After the birth of (name and genders)
    1.Ruby Evangeline
    2.Lysander Phillip
    3.Jessamine Skye
    4.August True
    5.Blaire Jacinda

    he moved in with me and my 9 kids who were 4 years old(girls),5 years old(boys) and 1 week old(quints).

    Six years later we got married and I fell pregnant with a little girl named Aurora Star. At the eighth month I miscarried.

    After 3 more Miscarriages in 3 more years we decided to adopt from China. Because the girl we chose had 3 brothers and 2 sisters we also adopted themnames, and ages, remember they are Chinese so try to give them Chinese names)
    1.Jiang Freya, 8
    2. JingJing Isla, 7
    3. Mulan Madison, 5
    4. Park Oliver, 5
    5. Long Ryder, 3
    6. Yue Daniel, 1

    I now have 15 kids.

    Because of the miscarriages we didn't think that we could get pregnant but we did. Nine months later we gave birth to identical tripletsnames and genders)
    1. Odessa Hope
    2. Lorelei Karina
    3. Mirabelle Sophia

    When the triplets were only two weeks old we came home to find a little baby boy only 3 days old abandoned on our doorstep. After 3 months and no successes of finding his parents we decided to adopt him. We named him Emmett Alaric.

    All of our kids have brown hair and blue eyes except for the 7 that we adopted.

    We now have 19 kids and hope there won't be any more on the way!

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