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  • @Riley

    22 55.00%
  • @Blair

    17 42.50%
  • #Logan

    19 47.50%
  • #Jordan

    16 40.00%
  • $Blake

    15 37.50%
  • $Skyler

    23 57.50%
  • %Morgan

    20 50.00%
  • %Bailey

    14 35.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Unisex Name Tournament - Round 1 Set 1

    Here's the tournament featuring some of the names nominated by other Berries here. I took all of the names (seven of them) that got nominated by multiple members, and then took nine of the other names nominated of my choosing to fill in the field of sixteen. Like I've done with my past tourneys voting will take place with a poll that will run for one week; vote for one name with each symbol (the symbols indicate the names competing against each other in this round). For the first round (to fit into the poll's allotted space) I've broken it up into two sets; the other one is here. I will not vote myself except to break a tie if necessary once the poll closes.

    Here's this set's match-ups:
    Riley vs. Blair
    Logan vs. Jordan
    Blake vs. Skyler
    Morgan vs. Bailey

    Also, sorry for the error in the poll title (one letter off on the keyboard!).
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    it only let me choose 1 name but i like Riley , Logan , Skyler & Bailey
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    I post the polls to make tabulating the votes easier, so please remember to cast your votes there (and not just post them)! Of course if you have a technical problem or mess up your vote in the poll you can post to let me know what your real votes are for (and I'll adjust my own tabulations accordingly).

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