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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Your name: Katharine Patricia
    Hubby's name: Christian Philip
    Hubby's job: Film director
    Where do you live? London, England

    DS: Amaury Theo (24)
    DS/DD: Archibald Charles and Alma Josephine (22)
    DD: Adelaide Olga (21)
    DD: Alexandra Maude (20)
    DD: Anna Ingrid (18)
    DS: Anthony David (17)
    DS: Arthur Philip (16)
    DD: Avalon Marina (15)
    DS/DS: Albert Fynn and Alfred Louis (13)
    DS: Aurelien Patrick (12)
    DS: Andrew Ilya (11)
    DS: Atticus Inigo (10)
    DS: Akiva James (8)
    DD: Astrid Emmanuelle (7)
    DD: Arabella Cosima (5)
    DD: Amaryllis Zenobia (3)
    DD: Antoinette Fabiola (2)
    Zelia • 20s • Exporting names from Greenland & Inuit mythology
    Alexander Adelin Lórien "Sasha" • Henry Ásgeirr Saxo • Asa Bjørnstjerne Ivik • Nor Valdemar Cosimo • Dante Endymion Sejr

    Vilde Ivalo Zenobia • Asta Cosima Gro • Léa Ingrid Cleopatra • Aviaaja Oona Lúthien "Avi" • Noor Galadriel Nanna

    And currently loving: Bertil, Folke, Julian, Pemba, Ville, Johanna, Karen, Madicken, Magda, Maru

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    Me: Laura Paisley
    Hubby: Marcus James
    His Job: Actor
    Location: Beverley Hills

    I am doing another son in between the first child and the first set of twins for the loss of their second baby Caleb. He will have a different letter because all the Duggar kids have "J" names and he doesn't. Also I will be adding another baby girl at the end in honor of their second miscarriage, Jubilee. Also, my hubby is named Marcus because I am using a "M" theme for the kids and the Duggars used a "J" theme because of the dad, Jim-Bob. So, here I go!

    Boy: Maxwell Ethan "Max"
    Miscarried Boy: Finley Graham
    B/G Twins: Mason Karter & Makenzey Isobel "Kenzey"
    Girl: Megan Harlow
    Girl: Miranda Kristen
    Girl: Mariah Sophie
    Boy: Miles Vincent
    Boy: Matthew Gage "Matt"
    Girl: Madeleine Isla "Maddie"
    B/B Twins: Manning Tate & Madden Zachary
    Boy: Mitch Colton
    Boy: Micah Brady
    Boy: Murray River
    Boy: Malik Josiah "Alik"
    Girl: Macy Olivia
    Girl: Mia Tess
    Girl: Mikailah Blaire "Kailey"
    Girl: Makiya Greer "Kiya" (pn. Ma-KEYE, Uh or KEYE-Uh)
    Miscarried Girl: Molley Margot

    Max, *Finn*, Mason, Kenzey, Megan, Miranda, Mariah, Miles, Matt, Maddie, Manning, Madden, Mitch, Micah, Murray, Alik, Macy, Mia, Kailey & Kiya and *Molley*

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    My Duggar Fam

    Moms Name: Joshlynn Zoie Simour**
    Dads Name: Tyler Sebastian Simour**
    Dads Occupation: Lawyer
    Place Where They Live: Atlanta, Georgia
    *My theme is K first names and A Middle names
    **Last name is Simour

    1: Kayden Adam
    2: Katelyn Amanda and twin 3: Kalvin Addison
    4: Kiana Amy and twin 5: Kara Ashley
    6: Kamille Abigail
    7: Karter Amos
    8: Kristopher Aaron
    9: Konnie Angelina and triplet 10: Kyle Andrew and triplet 11: Kamron Allistair
    12: Kalista Anne
    13: Karlie Agatha
    14: Kimburly Annisten
    15: Keenan Avery
    16: Kip Aberly and twin 17: Karlos Auden (Ah-bur-ly)
    18: Kathleen Anicka
    19: Kerstin Alice (Kur-st-N)
    20 (miscarrige): Kenzie Adore

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    Rhode Island

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