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    Re: Your Duggar Family

    Your name: Leah Madeline Prince
    Hubby's name: Nathaniel Lucas Prince
    Hubby's Job: Architect
    Where do you live? Melbourne, Australia

    Boy - Ewan Lucas Prince
    Twins boy/girl - Elijah James & Emmaline Mercy Prince
    Girl - Elizabeth Grace Prince
    Girl - Eleanor Joy Prince
    Girl - Esther Amity Prince
    Boy - Elliot Nathan Prince
    Boy - Everett Henry Prince
    Girl - Eden Faith Prince
    Twin Boys - Ezekiel Carter & Emmanuel Chase Prince
    Boy - Eric Samuel Prince
    Boy - Ethan Benjamin Prince
    Boy - Edward Judah Prince
    Boy - Elias Levi Prince
    Girl - Emerson Honor Prince
    Girl - Evangeline Bliss Prince
    Girl - Eilish Hope Prince
    Girl - Ella Constance Prince

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    Re: Your Duggar Family

    Your name: Catherine Sara Anderson nn Cate
    Hubby's name: Rafferty Judah Park nn Raff
    Hubby's Job: Lawyer
    Where do you live? London, England

    Boy: Ambrose Jonah Park nn Ajay
    Twins boy/girl: Augustine Charles Park and Aurora Catherine Park
    Girl: Annabelle Sara Park nn Bella
    Girl: Alice Rhiannon Park nn Liss
    Girl: Astrid Beatrice Park
    Boy: Anthony Owen Park nn Ant
    Boy: Alexander Robert Park nn Xander
    Girl: Amelie Juliette Park nn Mel
    Twin boys: Archibald Thomas Park and Atticus Theobald Park
    Boy: Auden Nicholas Park
    Boy: Arthur Stephen Park nn Artie
    Boy: Andrew Rafferty Park nn Drew
    Boy: Alfred William Park nn Freddie
    Girl: Angelica Phoebe Park nn Ana
    Girl: Amara Imogen Park nn Amy
    Girl: Alouette Gemma Park nn Lou
    Girl: Agatha Mirabelle Park nn Aggie
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    Re: Your Duggar Family

    (felt like doing this again!)

    Your name: Charlotte Emily Miller
    Hubby's name: Grayson Henry Miller
    Hubby's Job: Fireman
    Where do you live? Melbourne, Australia

    Boy - Henry Patrick Miller
    Twins boy/girl - Hunter James & Hazel Mae Miller
    Girl - Hannah Emily Miller
    Girl - Holly Jenna Miller
    Girl - Heidi Iris Miller
    Boy - Harrison Caleb Miller
    Boy - Hugo Grayson Miller
    Girl - Harper Evelyn Miller
    Twin Boys - Hudson Finn & Holden Connor Miller
    Boy - Hayden Isaac Miller
    Boy - Hamilton Evan Miller
    Boy - Heath Judah Miller
    Boy - Hamish Gabriel Miller
    Girl - Harmony Brooke Miller
    Girl - Hope Isla Miller
    Girl - Helena Cecilia Miller
    Girl - Hailey Charlotte Miller

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    Re: Your Duggar Family

    How fun!

    Your name: Tessa Olympia Hollander
    Hubby's name: Griffin Wyatt Hollander
    Hubby's Job: Chef
    Where do you live? Los Angeles, California.

    Boy - Milo Benjamin Hollander
    Twins boy/girl - Martha Eden Hollander & Mabel Anthea Hollander
    Girl - Mary-Louise Rose Hollander & Maxine Daisy Hollander
    Girl - Meredith Olive Hollander
    Girl - Millicent Lark Hollander
    Boy - Marcus Asher Hollander
    Boy - Malcolm Judah Hollander
    Girl - Mollie Wren Hollander
    Twin Boys - Marlon Jacob Hollander & Morris Levi Hollander
    Boy - Mitchum Isaac Hollander
    Boy - Micah Abraham Hollander
    Boy - Mason Abel Hollander
    Boy - Matthias Gideon Hollander
    Girl - Magnolia Kai Hollander
    Girl - Maeve Willow Hollander
    Girl - Marjorie Ivy Hollander
    Girl - Madeline Briar Hollander
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    Re: Your Duggar Family

    Your name: Mallory Josephine
    Hubby's name: Ewan Malachy McCabe
    Hubby's Job: Musician
    Where do you live? Brooklyn, New York

    In Duggar like fashion. They are the same sexes as the duggar family. Both first and middle names. You don't have to use your real names nor your kids real names. I am just for the sheer hell of it.

    Boy- Alistair Brennan
    Twins boy/girl- Amos Henry / Adele Julia
    Girl- Ariel Josephine
    Girl- Avalon Mae
    Girl- Aurora Mirabelle
    Boy- Abel Harrison
    Boy- Anderson Gage
    Girl- Ava Juliet
    Twin Boys- Asher Holden / Aidan Matthew
    Boy- August Dexter
    Boy- Adrian Fletcher
    Boy- Archer Tobias
    Boy- Aurelian Felix
    Girl- Amelie Harper
    Girl- Alice Madeleine
    Girl- Aster Genevieve
    Girl- Anna Catherine "Anna-Cate"

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