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    Middle name for Alexa

    So, we are having a girl in August and decided on Alexa for a first name but are having trouble coming up with a middle name. Does anyone have any thoughts of what flows nicely as a middle?

    We had some prior ideas of Alexa Claire or Alexa Marin, but more choices would be ideal. :)

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    Re: Middle name for Alexa

    Alexa is a great name. Love the nn Lexi! Here are some suggestions:
    Alexa Rhea
    Alexa Brooke
    Alexa Auden
    Alexa Beatrice
    Alexa Mae
    Alexa Blaire
    Alexa Blake
    Alexa Drea (pn. Dray)
    Alexa Bronte
    Alexa Chloe
    Alexa Agyness
    Alexa Daisy
    Alexa Kate
    Alexa Layne

    The names are kind of all over the place, sorry!, but i think that i really like one syllable names with the 3 syllable Alexa. Top 3 choices would be 1) Alexa Kate 2) Alexa Brooke and 3) Alexa Rhea

    Hope this helps!

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    Re: Middle name for Alexa

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