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  • Evelyn nn Evie

    27 39.13%
  • Milana (Me-la-nuh) nn Mila or Millie

    11 15.94%
  • Celia

    15 21.74%
  • Camilla nn Millie

    16 23.19%
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    Please vote!!! I need input!!!

    We're getting close to meeting our little girl...and I'd love to have a list of 2 names ready when we see her. I have already narrowed it down, and would love to just settle on one and try it out before she's born and have one on backup. CAN YOU ALL GIVE FEEDBACK? Try not to add new names (unless its killing you) because I don't need the confusion :)
    Here's some info:

    Middle name is Kate (family name) and Last name is 4 Syllables and ends in I want to make sure the rhythm flows okay. THANKS!!

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    Re: Please vote!!! I need input!!!

    I love the name Evelyn. If I ever have another girl I will probably name her Evelyn Paige. I think the name is classy and fits both a newborn baby and an old sophisticated lady. I'm also in love with the nn Evie. I can see a little Evie on the playground fitting in with her peers and Evelyn being able to fit into any work place or career path when older.

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    Re: Please vote!!! I need input!!!

    I voted for Camilla and Evelyn but I didn't read your post first sorry! So I change my vote, I think with your last name and middle name 'Kate' the best two choices would be Evelyn and Milana, Camilla Kate just has to much 'K' sound for my liking and names ending in 'la' might sound a bit sing-songy with your last name. Though in all honesty they are all great names :)

    Good Luck!
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    Re: Please vote!!! I need input!!!

    When I first saw your list, I thought it was going to be IMPOSSIBLE to vote because they are all pretty names. But with Kate in the middle and your long and flowing last name, Evelyn is the obvious choice!
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    Re: Please vote!!! I need input!!!

    Evelyn Kate is gorgeous. Love nn Evie. too!

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