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    Re: How to spell/pronounce Edie with a Y

    Unfortunately, Edith is not at all an option for us. We would not consider hyphenating it, and somehow we just really need to figure out the best way to spell it with a Y because that is what is important to us. However, I really appreciate all the feedback because it is putting things in good perspective for us and helping us make a decision. I think Edy is the easiest solution, but also the one that looks most unfinished and out of place with the rest of our names. Because "Edie" will be a twin, her name has certain elements that we want to be intact, so that she is not too matchy, but that she compliments her twin's name well. Having a Y in her name will do that. We had never thought of Eydie but my issue with that is that the word die is in her name. However, her twin's middle name is going to be Sadie, so that is not much different. Something to consider for sure. Thanks all!

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    Re: How to spell/pronounce Edie with a Y

    Edey seems like the obvious but looking at it it's hard to see it as having the same pronounciation.
    Eidey might work. It makes the two long ee sounds clearer.

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    Re: How to spell/pronounce Edie with a Y

    Eidey would also be eye-dee to me.

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