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    How to spell/pronounce Edie with a Y

    We are expecting twin girls soon and one will be named Edie. However, we really want to incorporate a Y into this name, as our our other girls all have y's in their names.

    We have thought of Edey and Edye and even Edy. However, we have some reservations about the way the name will be interpreted with these spellings. We don't want it to be too weird. I think we are leaning toward Edey at this point.

    What do you think these will be pronounced as? Do you have any other suggestions for spelling?


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    Re: How to spell/pronounce Edie with a Y

    Interesting question! Of the three, "Edey" is the most straightforward way to get to "Edie," I think -- you'd have to be OK with some folks thinking that y'all just didn't know how to spell "Edie" correctly :) "Edy" to me would be pronounced EDy, as in Mr. Ed-y. Also, I can't help thinking of the Edy's ice cream brand, I wonder if that would be a factor at all. I kind of like "Edye," though it may be the most challenging of the three -- I once knew an elegant woman, from Eastern Europe, I think, called Edyta (edEEtah), and Edye seems like it'd be a natural nickname for that lovely name.

    Good luck!

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    Re: How to spell/pronounce Edie with a Y

    I would probably be inclined to pronounce Edey as Eddie. Edy reminds me of the ice cream as pp said - but isn't that pronounced Edie? If you really want to spell it with a y, I think Edey is the best (sort of like Eden with a y), but it may be mispronounced.

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    Re: How to spell/pronounce Edie with a Y

    thank you guys. I have to agree with you. Edey seems to be the best way to go. Edy does remind me of the ice cream too, and also seems like its not finished, like its missing something. Also, I know of someone from Poland with a relative named Edyta and there, she has no nick name but here she would likely be called Edie, of some spelling variation anyway. I think Edey will just learn to correct people when she grows up.

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    Re: How to spell/pronounce Edie with a Y

    I was reading this earlier and couldn't figure it out... Eydie. I could not remember where I saw it or if it was real or not or how to explain it, but it is real.

    Steve and Eydie, as in Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme are a performing pair of singers. Way before my time, but they are still alive and still performing.

    Her name is really Edith, but has always spelled it Eydie. I don't expect most young people to recognize that as EE-DEE, they might say EYE-DEE, or even I-Die, or Aid-ee, or who knows. Anyway, there's someone in the world who spells their name Edie with a Y, and plenty enough people who would not mispronounce it on sight, and know all the words to "Blame it on the Bossa Nova".

    I also think the ice cream with Edy, I think that is still a legitimate spelling of the name, with a Y instead of an IE. As it turns out Edy of Edy's is someone's surname - Joseph Edy was a candy maker who teamed up with Dreyer's (William Dreyer) to make ice cream.

    If it has to have a Y in it, I think those two are the best way around it, Eydie or Edy. The google tells me other people in the world have spelled it Eydie or Edy as a first name. Edy as a last name is also not so uncommon. Edy is also the name of some product, a prepaid smart card for cell phones (?? hard to figure out exactly), stands for Euro-Dollar-Yen (wiki tells me it actually only takes yen), I'm not sure this is something most people know or will ever associate with the name who live outside of Japan.

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