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    Re: Multi generation. Semi-small family

    1// You are 16. You and your parents and little brother (age 13) go to Florida for a family vacation. While there you meet and become friends with a family who has a son a year older than you. you trade numbers and become like best friends!

    What are your parents names?
    Lezah and David Valeur
    What is your name?
    Clara Belle Hazel Valeur
    What do you look like?
    Light brown hair, brown eyes
    What is your brothers name?
    John Thomas Robert Valeur
    What is the boys name?
    Joshua Nathan Reid
    What does he look like?
    Brown hair, green eyes
    What are the parents names?
    Sylvie and Jack

    2// You and _______ become really great friends over the next 2 years. When you graduate he asks you out. You say yes and you both eventually go to the same college.

    What college do you go to?
    Ryerson University
    What do you major in?
    What does he Major in?
    Political Science

    3// you are 24(you) and 25(him). And you have just graduated college. Your bf had graduated 2 years earlier and had bought a nice little house for the two of you. On your 6 year anniversary he proposes. you say yes!

    Where do you get married?
    Where do you honeymoon?
    What is your husbands job?
    What is your job?

    4// The two of you want to settle down and get you jobs going. About a year later you find yourself pregnant. Both of you want to keep the gender a surprise! The day finally comes And you give birth to a bouncy, happy, joyful, little boy!!

    What is his birth date?
    May 14
    What is his name?
    Theodore David Scott
    Light Brown

    5// You and your husband are 27 and 28, and your son is 2. He has been begging for a little brother or sister. You and your hubby decide you are stable enough for another one and try. Right away you find yourself pregnant. Again you keep the gender a surprise. You go into labor a week after your little brother's wedding, to a little boy!

    What is his birth date?
    April 4
    What is his name?
    Alexander Jonas Elijah
    Dark brown
    What is your brothers wife's name?
    Kelly Evely

    6// 4 years down the road you are 31, your husband is 32, your oldest son is 6 and your youngest is 4. you guys want another child but you cant seem to get pregnant. You don't was to go with fertility treatments so you decide to adopt a little girl from ______

    Where is she from?
    What is her birthday?
    November 30
    How old is she?
    What is her name?
    Hanako Sakura

    ___________________20 years later!!_____________________

    7// You are now 51 and 52 Your kids are 26, 24, and 22 your oldest son has been married to his high school sweet heart for 3 years. And they just had b/b twins!!!

    What is his wife's name?
    Genevieve Rhodes
    What is Grandson #1's name?
    William James
    What is Grandson #2's Name?
    Daniel David

    8// Your middle son Doesn't want to get married but he and his girlfriend want children together. They already have 1 girls. She is 5 years old.

    What is The girlfriends name?
    Leah MacDonald
    What is Granddaughter #1's name?
    Beatrix Hermione

    9// Your daughter had gone back to her birth place for college. There she met he husband! They are pregnant with quints! b/g/b/b/g

    What is her husbands name?
    Thomas Henrikson
    Grandson #3: Dexter Nathaniel
    Granddaughter #2: Emilia Claire
    Grandson #4: Samson Phineas
    Grandson #5: Micah Malachi
    Granddaughter #3: Eden Chihiro
    Grandson #6: Asher Ezra
    ~Adelaide ~ Octavia~ Eulalie~ Clementine~ Magnolia~ Coralie~ Josephine~
    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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