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  • Gwyneth Susannah H****

    23 36.51%
  • Violet Susannah H****

    19 30.16%
  • Penelope Della H****

    8 12.70%
  • Vivian Emma H****

    13 20.63%
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    Re: It's a GIRL!!!! Please vote.

    Ok, that information makes this an easy one for me:
    Vivian Susannah Hayes!!
    Absolutely perfect!

    (I could probably get past the violet haze issue, though I agree that it's less than ideal, but the other issue is that the rhythm of Violet Hayes, while there is nothing wrong with it per se, is just a bit choppy somehow because Violet has a lot of hard sounds and then Hayes is so short; Vivian Hayes on the other hand is so wonderfully melodic that it really steals the show).
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    Re: It's a GIRL!!!! Please vote.

    I'm going to go against the grain and say Gwyneth Susannah. I love Gwyneth and you really don't hear it too often, so it gets me vote!

    Your other choices are lovely and you can't really go wrong with any, except maybe Violet because I just hear a description like yoyu said - violet haze.

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    Re: It's a GIRL!!!! Please vote.

    I think Vivian Susannah sounds beautiful :)

    Good luck!

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    Re: It's a GIRL!!!! Please vote.

    I really don't like Vivian, but that is a personal association. I do, however, like Vivienne, which is a French spelling.

    Of the names you have posted, can I just say that Gwyneth is gorgeous and underutilized. I don't know if Ms. Paltrow spells her name this way, she's the only other Gwyneth I have heard of, and despite not really liking her too much, I love the name.

    Gwyneth is Celtic / Welsh, traditional, feminine yet strong. It's poetic, melodic. I love it. I think some cute nnames can come out of it, from Gwen to Wynne. I think it is a hundred times more charming than Vivian, and I would vote 10 times for it if I could!

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    Re: It's a GIRL!!!! Please vote.

    You can't better Violet Susannah or Susannah Violet, a simply fabulous name.
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