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  • Gwyneth Susannah H****

    23 36.51%
  • Violet Susannah H****

    19 30.16%
  • Penelope Della H****

    8 12.70%
  • Vivian Emma H****

    13 20.63%
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    It's a GIRL!!!! Please vote.

    We finally found out that we are having a baby girl! Please vote on your favorite name. The middle names are all family names, and are interchangable. Thanks!

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    Re: It's a GIRL!!!! Please vote.

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    Re: It's a GIRL!!!! Please vote.

    I voted for Violet Susannah, with my second choice being
    Vivian Susannah.

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    Re: It's a GIRL!!!! Please vote.

    Vivian Susannah would be my first choice!
    But Violet Susannah and Vivian Emma are also very beautiful.
    The others are nice too, but I think Vivian and Violet are really the standouts for the first name, as is Susannah for the middle.

    If you don't mind sharing your last name, that might help . . .

    EDIT: Actually, I went back and voted for Vivian Emma. I really love it, and I think this is my first choice after all. I think your original pairings are the right way to do this: if you go with Vivian, then use Vivian Emma and if you go with Violet, then use Violet Susannah.
    Although, Vivian Susannah and Violet Emma are also very beautiful, though Violet Emma is a bid abrupt.
    I know that wasn't much help after all, but I really don't think you can go wrong. And, I also think your last name and/or which family member you most want to honor in the middle could really tip the scales one way or another here.
    Mom of one daughter, age 2, and name-enthusiast

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    Re: It's a GIRL!!!! Please vote.

    Jlm, I think you are right. I think the middle name is going to come down to who I want to honor the most. Susannah comes from my mother, and mom always wins :) Della was a very sassy and smart great aunt who wrote poetry. Emma comes from DH's side, so I don't have an attachment to that (and I don't think he does either. But it is a lovely name.) Our last name is Hayes. Which brings up a slight hesitation that I have with Violet. Does Violet Hayes sound like a description of something, like "there is a violet haze on the horizon..."? Or is that just silly?

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