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    Your name color.

    I was reading another post on names of a certain color and it got me all names have a color? If so, what would they be?
    For example, Delphine is a pastel blue to me, while Ariel is an emerald-turquoise. Cecily is baby pink lace and Persephone is an orange-ish red. Helen is navy, while Anne is chocolate and Debbie is yellow.
    So, for our game, we start out with one name (I am going to choose mine, as I must admit to seeing my name as colorless and I want to know what people will put, tee hee): Sydney.
    The first person will then write:
    Sydney - [Insert color of your choice].
    Then they will put their name (or the name they will use/have already used for their child, or a name you just like, or whatever. A name, okay?) below it, followed by a "..."
    The next person will take Sydney, plus the other person's name (for purposes, we'll use Wilhelmina) and put:
    Sydney - [Insert color, not necessarily that chosen by the person before them.]
    Wilhelmina - [Ditto.]
    [Their name]...

    Everyone is to keep adding a name and contributing their colors. Also, colors can (and are encouraged to) be could say that one name is royal purple, while the other is a light lavender.
    Have fun naming/coloring, everyone!

    Post Script: If their end up being quite a few names on the list, then around Name #20 or so, feel free to start the cycle over again! (-:

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    Re: Your name color.

    Sydney - Medium Blue
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    Audrey Caroline / Lily Elizabeth / Sadie Rebekah
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    Re: Your name color.

    Kristi - canary yellow


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    Re: Your name color.

    Danielle - caramel

    *Mother to twins Charles and Samuel*

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    Re: Your name color.

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