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    Re: Baby sister for Juliette

    Juliette and Genevieve are perfect together.

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    Thanks so much for the help everyone!

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    Juliette and Evangeline are gorgeous together.
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    Juliette & Eleanor/Nora I think sound so beautiful together!

    In order of preference

    1. Juliette & Eleanor/Nora
    2. Juliette & Beatrice
    3. Juliette & Eloise
    4. Juliette & Annabelle
    5. Juliette & Vivienne
    6. Juliette & Matilda
    7. Juliette & Millicent
    8. Juliette & Genevieve
    9. Juliette & Evangeline
    10. Juliette & Fiona
    11. Juliette & Evelyn

    Best Wishes! x

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    I would like to start out and say that any single one of your names would be wonderful! I'll just try to suggest which would work best with Juliette. However, all of these would work fine, so I'm going to be VERY picky. I don't think any of these 'problems' are big enough to eliminate a name from if you really love it.

    I would be a bit cautious about names like Vivienne and Annabelle, because Juliette has that -ette ending that's very similar to -enne and -elle.
    I probably wouldn't use Genevieve because they start the same and have the same number of syllables.
    Evangeline and Evelyn are very similar, and out of the two I prefer Evelyn, so I'll take out Evangeline.
    Same thing with Eleanor and Nora, and Eleanor and Eloise. Both times I prefer Eleanor, so I'll take out Nora and Eloise.
    Beatrice and Juliette have the same number of letters and syllables, so I'll take that out.
    Millicent and Juliette both end in -t sounds, so I will take that out.
    Looking at it, all your names except Nora and Evangeline three syllables. Just randomly interesting.
    What's left is Fiona, Eleanor, Matilda, and Evelyn. Out of those, my favorite is Evelyn, but I think Eleanor works a bit better with Juliette.

    Again, any of your names would be wonderful with Juliette. From my process, Eleanor would just be my favorite.
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