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    Re: Baby sister for Juliette

    I like the sound of Juliette with another french girl's name.


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    Re: Baby sister for Juliette

    I LOVE the name Juliette.

    Nora: Next to Juliette, Nora seems lackluster-- I like it as a nickname for Annora or Eleanor (which I see is on your list).

    Fiona: I adore the name Fiona, and I love it with Juliette!!

    Beatrice: Beatrice and Beatrix have never been my favorite names, but they're growing on me...

    Vivienne: I love it, and it's perfect with Juliette!

    Evangeline: I like it, even though it's a little too religious sounding for me, and it's nice with Juliette.

    Eleanor: I think it's great!

    Annabelle: I prefer the spelling Annabel, though Annabelle might fit better with the French Juliette. Lovely name!

    Millicent: I've always hated this name-- it's like millipedes and centipedes combined! I do like Melisande, though.

    Genevieve: I LOVE it!! Genevieve is one of my favorite names, and it's perfect with Juliette (except for the beginning sounds, if that bothers you...).

    My favorites are Fiona, Vivienne, and Genevieve, but all of them are gorgeous (except maybe Millicent) so you really can't go wrong!


    Oops! Forgot Evelyn, Matilda, and Eloise! I really don't like Evelyn (it sounds whiny and weak, for some reason), but I do like Matilda a lot, and Eloise was on my list of suggestions, so I love it with Juliette!
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    Re: Baby sister for Juliette

    Nora: Cute, but since Eleanor is on your list, why not keep Nora as a nn?
    Fiona: I really like Fiona with Juliette. They're different, but work as a pair.
    Beatrice: I prefer Beatrix, and think it works wonderfully with Juliette!
    Vivienne: Love w/ Juliette!
    Evangeline: Ditto!
    Eleanor: I really like this with Juliette, and Jules and Nora (even Nor) are great together.
    Annabelle: Works wonderfully w/ Juliette (though I like the Annabel spelling). Jules and Annie are adorable together.
    Millicent: So-so
    Genevieve: Love! Might be a bit matchy with Juliette if that sort of thing bugs you.
    Matilda: Such a sweet name, but it sounds a tiny bit frumpy next to Juliette.
    Evelyn: Not an Evelyn fan for some reason.
    Eloise: Love!

    My top picks
    Juliette and Beatrix
    Juliette and Vivienne
    Juliette and Annabelle

    Oh, almost forgot, how do you feel about Delphine? I think she'd be a great sister to Juliette :)
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    Re: Baby sister for Juliette


    I love Juliette!!! :-)

    My favorites from your list with Juliette are Vivienne and Annabelle. I love Genevieve, too, but the vieve ending reminds me of viv from Vivienne.

    So, here's one vote for Vivienne, with Annabelle in second! :-)

    Another name you may like with Juliette is Emmeline. (I think it may have been suggested, but I can't remember.) Even though Emmeline isn't French, it has the same cheerful, feminine feel to me as Juliette.

    Good luck! :-)

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    Re: Baby sister for Juliette

    Juliette is a lovely choice. Do you mind if I ask what her middle name is?

    Nora: Seems tame in comparison.
    Fiona: I like this combo a lot! Very different names, but both light and feminine.
    Vivienne: Very cute with Juliette, except the endings "enne" and "ette" are very similar. If you're planning on having any more children, it might tie you down into a "e__e" ending theme for girls.
    Annabelle: Ditto Vivienne.
    Evangeline: Never been a fan of this name. I can't picture it anywhere but a nursing home.
    Eleanor, Beatrice, Eloise: Ditto Evangeline, but to a lesser extent. I think they would bog down the whimsical Juliette.
    Millicent: I can't picture anything but Millicent Bulstrode from Harry Potter. I know most people wouldn't have that association, but I still would not recommend this name.
    Genevieve: A good combo, as long as the identical starting sounds don't bother you.
    Matilda: Matilda and Juliette feel different to me. I think you need something a bit more feminine.
    Evelyn: I like this with Juliette, although Evelyn seems like she would definitely be the quieter of the two.

    My favorite of your suggestions is Fiona, with Vivienne and Annabelle tied for second. I also love Caroline, Francesca, Victoria, Clara, Amelie*, and Catherine from others' suggestions.

    *Amelie and Juliette are PERFECT together, in my opinion :)
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