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    Re: Baby sister for Juliette

    Vivienne, definitely!

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    Re: Baby sister for Juliette

    Thanks guys! I'm starting to feel a little bit better about this least my initial thoughts weren't out in left field and I appreciate all of the suggestions!

    Hubs and I have date night Saturday, so hopefully over dinner we can squeak something out and alleviate my stress level just a bit :o) We haven't even discussed middle names either though, ha! I'll repost when we get it narrowed down and get your thoughts then.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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    Re: Baby sister for Juliette

    Wow, that's overall such a great list. And Juliet is my favourite name right now too. Lovely!

    Nora - Cute, but not substantial enough with Juliette. It seems too sombre.
    Fiona - Fiona is so darling. I can see Juliette and Fiona together.
    Beatrice - I little too stuffy with Juliette but I do like it otherwise.
    Vivienne - I'm personally not a huge fan of Vivienne but I can see it pairing with Juliette nicely.
    Evangeline - Juliette and Evangeline are cute together.
    Eleanor - Juliette and Eleanor would be nice. As would Eleanora.
    Annabelle - Juliette and Annabelle are a great match! Especially with Annabelle spelt like this.
    Millicent - Noooo.
    Genevieve - So pretty! I like Juliette and Genevieve together, but I'm not sure about the similar beginnings.
    Matilda - Too heavy with Juliette.
    Evelyn - I think Evelyn is lovely, and one of my favourites, especially with the nickname Evie, but it is getting popular.
    Eloise - Eloise is lovely and goes really well with Juliette too.

    I think my favourites with Juliette are:


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    Re: Baby sister for Juliette

    Juliette and...

    Fiona Eloise would be beautiful!
    I also really like Genevieve - any middle name ideas?

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    Re: Baby sister for Juliette

    Nora - I like this name quite a lot, although I like it better as a nn. Eleanor nn Nora would sound really cute with Juliette. Or maybe, since you went the more feminine route with the Juliette spelling, you might prefer to do the same and use Eleanora, Leonora, etc.
    Fiona - This one has such beautiful vowels. It reminds me of Naomi, except that I like Fiona much better.
    Beatrice - One of my favorite names ever! It would PERFECTLY suit Juliette as her sister's name!
    Vivienne - The only thing I would worry about this one is the spelling...the -ette and -enne seem a little matchy-matchy to me, especially so with their same number of syllables. However, Vivian or Viviana would work great!
    Evangeline - Another good choice to go with Juliette. This name is very strong, like Juliette, but feminine.
    Eleanor - Ah-ha! See "Nora" above.
    Annabelle - Same as with Vivienne--the -elle with -ette seems similarly matchy-matchy. Annabel works well, though, and conveys the same style.
    Millicent - A lovely name, with nn Millie to add to it!
    Genevieve - I used to not really like this name, but it's grown on me a little. Eve is a pretty nn.

    More for you to consider:

    Matilda - Ooh, again, a favorite! Matilda and Juilette compliment eachother amazingly. Not to mention that Matilda has about a gazillion nn's (Matty, Millie, Tilly, Tilda, Mally, Tildy, Mitty, Mila, Maude, Tila, Liddy, etc.)
    Evelyn - Tea-and-lacy-er than Evangeline, but less popular, too, and probably the next big thing. It goes well with Juliette.
    Eloise - I love this! It sounds cute with Juliette, and I could see an Ellie or Lo playing with Jules. One of my top picks.

    Good luck naming! (-:

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