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    Quote Originally Posted by izzy.indigo View Post
    A lot of things would make this world perfect. Genderless names would be one thing that would set off others, ultimately changing society for the better.

    I never said anyone should raise there children that way, just that I wish we could. It seems pretty much impossible in the world we live in and I wish it wasn't. Anyway, this is straying from the topic. I just want to say that if names didn't have feminine and masculine connotations children wouldn't grow up so bound to gender. I realize there are going to be men and women and masculine people and feminine people, but I don't think it's quite right for us to stick feminine names on babies that are born "girls" and masculine names on babies that are born "boys". If names were genderless and children were brought up doing what they love (don't discourage a boy from playing with dolls and that sort of thing) people would end up being able to be themselves, whoever that may be.

    No one is turning blind eyes here.

    You can. The problem is not that it is too feminine, it is that boys are brought up to think that the have to be manly and masculine. Boys pick on each other a lot more. Well, more is debatable, but still, it is hard for a boy to not have a masculine name. Why? Not because the feminine name is too feminine, but because the boy (or at least his friends) are raised in a society that tells them they need to be capital M Men. If people just start giving boys "girl's names", like people are doing for girls, it will become the norm, and voila, a big chunk taken out of gender stereotyping.

    I know this is all unlikely to happen. People are too stuck to binary gender. *sigh* And if it does I'll probably be long dead and buried along with my great-great grandchildren.

    Anyway, I hope I haven't offended or irked anyone here. I didn't mean for my first post here to in such a debate! Forgive me if I've come on to strong.

    I would be perfectly OK with ALL names being used for every gender - I think it says horrible things about our society that things are the way they are now. I think things either need to be all or nothing, not this silly "it's ok for girls but not ok for boys" because boys have to be macho thing we have going on.

    I wasn't really expressing this just to you, just in general - this whole subject goes a lot deeper than just "style", like a lot of people assume.

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    The sexist part of this issue is the fact that people choose unisex or boyish names to make a girl appear strong as if girls are weak and need to appear tougher in society. But if a boy has a name that is considered girly, it will emasculate him and make him appear soft. I'm all for completely unisex names, because it would make gender so much less of an issue. Why do you think women getting paid less than men still in 2012 is still a problem?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hayley88 View Post
    Why is it that people post these questions and then others who dislike or disagree are wrong or somehow holding the human race back?
    If people were being respectful in this thread the way they are in other threads where opinions are solicited, this wouldn't have been an issue.

    But we have people in this thread saying things like "this makes me want to puke" and "what a disgusting choice for a girl's name".

    That's bullying. There are people here who really do like the name, and maybe would actually name their child that. I'm one of them, which is how this whole thread got resurrected in the first place. If I went to someone else's thread and said a name like Elizabeth made me want to vomit, I'm pretty sure that wouldn't fly. We need to be kinder about the disagreements.

    And I'll just point out that you may have noticed that no one has taken issue with the people who have simply said "I don't like it" or "not for me".

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    I think it's awful for a girl.
    *gina danielle*

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    @jmlw87 I was replying to izzy.indigo on a specific point not referring to the ruder comments. Nor did I make an unpleasant comment about the name being used for a girl. I said " I don't particularly like the idea. But then I'm not a fan of the name itself".
    So I wasn't being unkind. If a berry starts a thread asking a question on whether a particular name will work,then I will offer my opinion. I aim to avoid offending.

    If the rude comments bother you,maybe call out one of the posters who actually posted one before jumping down my throat.
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