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    @izzy.indigo: wow, I am a huge huge huge believer in equal rights, especially gay marriage, and none of these thoughts have ever crossed my mind about names! I have to say I'm very glad I came back to this thread and got to read your post! It is actually making me think twice about names I have crossed off my list because they were "too this or too that." Thank you for the enlightenment, and also to the other posters who stayed positive and weren't downright rude!,
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    Sorry, I'm not a fan of Felix on a girl.
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    Never thought about it before but it kinda appeals to me if you use a more feminine middle. I wouldn't use it myself but then again I love Jasper on a girl and everyone hates that. If your feeling brave go for it or like other people have said use something like Felicity and use Felix as a nn.

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    Why in a perfect world would all names be unisex?
    Is it feminism that pushes people towards it?
    Why is it that people post these questions and then others who dislike or disagree are wrong or somehow holding the human race back?
    In what way will having all names as unisex change the fact that there are gender differences? Biological rather than societal I mean.
    Does that mean we should raise our children as "gender neutral" until they choose themselves?
    This thread was gotten way out of hand. So some people don't like the idea and some were a little rude about it? Plenty of people said they liked it. What does that tell us...oh that people have different opinions and you can't please everyone. That is pretty much all.
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    While I don't really see it for a girl, I guess it's something that could catch on for girls, and I can imagine myself warming to it eventually. In which case, I would end up preferring it for a girl, because then it would just be totally unique and cool (not just the old name Felix for a boy, which, for me, initially brings to mind Felix the Cat). It's in the similar vein of Diane Keaton's daughter, Dexter...both masculine-sounding names with x.
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