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    Re: Fun baby name game! Lots of kids!

    You are 23 and fresh out of university. One day while working at your part time job you meet a man. He is handsome and sweet, and a few months later you move in together! On your 24th birthday he proposes, and you say yes! Soon you both have full time jobs and move into a nice, small two bedroom house.
    Your name: Jillian Katherine Winterbourne
    His name: Clayton Jeremy Danvers

    One year later you decide you are ready for a child, and what do you know! You have a little baby girl! Since this is your first pregnancy and you are still young, you give her a bit of a trendy, popular first name and a word middle name.
    Daughter #1's name: Chloe Story

    2 years later, with your little daughter turning two and you 27, you decide to have another baby. This time it is a little boy, and after meeting the two other kids in your daughter's preschool with her name, you decide to give your boy a more unique name, but still in the top 500. His middle name is after your grandfather.
    Son #1's name: Lucian Dominic

    Another 2 years later, your kids are 2 and 4 and you are 29. You decide to try for one last baby, and end up with two! They are twin girls! They must have opposite initials.
    Daughter #2's name: Juliette Athena
    Daughter #3's name: Anastasia Jessamine

    Now you think you're completely done! The only problem - Your boy is lonely. But of course at the moment you have bigger problems to worry about. Like the fact that you have 6 people in a two bedroom house! Right now the kids are young enough to share a bedroom, and the twins sleep in your room, but it's a bit of a problem! So when your kids are 5, 3 and 1 you pack up and move to a 6 bedroom house where you grew up. Now you can focus more on your son. Since you now have two extra bedrooms (the twins will share), you decide to try for another boy. Unfortunately, but also greatly, you get another girl. You let your husband name her, and he gives her a classic first name with a cute nn and his mother's name for her middle.
    Daughter #4's name: Charlotte Hope "Lottie"

    Now with your kids 7, 5, 3 and 2, you and your husband take a trip to a poor country in South Africa to help build homes. There you go to a little orphanage running out of money. You donate all the money you can, and then decide to meet the kids. There are five -
    Girl-Desta, 7
    Boy-Kayin, 6
    Boy-Kirabo, 4
    Girl-Zola, 3
    Girl-Zephania, 18 months old

    You can adopt however many you want. But you have to keep there name as a middle or first, or you can modify the name a little to give it the same sound.
    Who do you adopt? All of them
    Freya Desta
    Emerson Kayin
    Jayden Kirabo
    Reina Zola
    Zephania Isla

    You love your big family! You have 6 bedrooms, how do you share?
    1. Jillian & Clayton
    2. Chloe & Freya
    3. Lucian, Emerson, & Jayden
    4. Juliette & Anastasia
    5. Charlotte & Reina
    6. Zephania

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