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    (I’m thirteen, so it’s easier for me to write as a kid, so I will!)
    Hi, I’m Elizabeth Mirabelle Cecelia Cove, and I have a big family! My mom is Vivienne Sophia Everwood Cove, and my dad is Joseph Cornelian Cove. I am a triplet, and my other sisters are Catherine Ever Matilda Cove and Margaret Coralie Etianna Cove. We are called Eliza, Catie, and Marie by our parents. Marie and I have warm, light brown hair, and Catie has golden blonde hair. We all have green eyes. I like school, a lot. I actually enjoy tests, and I get really good grades. I also am the one in our family who carries around a book like Linus from Peanuts carries his blanket. Catie is the athletic one, and she loves swimming, dance, and soccer. Marie is really creative, and she is always doing some art form, be it painting, sculpting, or writing. She’s also the shyest. We are thirteen, and in seventh grade.
    We have twin sisters, Luna Scarlet Cove and Stella Ruby Cove. They have auburn hair and midnight blue eyes that remind you of the night sky. They were named after their eyes (Moon and stars being in the sky) and their vibrant red hair. They are the performers of our bunch, and they are already enrolled in after school drama classes. They are already trying to convince our parents to let them go to a performing arts middle school, at seven years old!
    We have yet another set of twins, this time boys. Oliver Theo Cove and Jasper Milo Cove are five years old, and the most mischievous little boys you will ever meet. They remind me of Fred and George from the Harry Potter series a lot. They have reddish-brown hair. Oliver has pure green eyes, and Jasper has sort of blue-green eyes. Our parents are always getting letters from the school about them trying to switch places, digging under the fence in the kindergarten yard, or hiding the other student’s things. Even though they sound like kind of obnoxious little brothers (which I ASSURE you, they are) they can be quite sweet, and they seem to be very popular among their peers.
    Our youngest sibling, Geneva Meredith Milena Cove, is only two months old. We each suggested names that our parents tried to combine to make her name. Catie said Jennifer, Marie said Mona, like Mona Lisa, Luna and I agreed on Evanna (after Evanna Lynch, who played Luna in the Harry Potter series), Stella said Meryl (after Meryl Streep), Oliver tried to suggest the ugliest names possible (they wanted a boy) so they said Edith and Mildred (Which happen to be our grandmother’s names, so we just say they were honoring her). They did a pretty good job combining names to make pretty ones. Jennifer plus Evanna for Geneva, Meryl plus Edith for Meredith, Mildred plus Mona for Milena. She can’t do much yet, so we don’t really know her personality, but she has the same auburn hair as Luna and Stella, and so far blue eyes.
    Well, that’s our huge family! Joseph, Vivienne, Eliza, Catie, Marie, Luna, Stella, Oliver, Jasper, and Geneva!
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    Oliver - Simon - Jasper - Theodore - Henry - Leopold - Ezra - Jack

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    Hello, My name is Sawyer Brooke Collins, and I am a hair dresser and I own my own salon. My husband Logan Alexander Collins is in the stock market and travels back and fourth from Newport Beach to New York City quite often for work. We have 4 children and are expecting our 5th!
    Eden Harper is our oldest daughter at age 10 she amazes us every day! She loves music and plays Piano, Guitar and Violin. She loves school, ballet class and playing at the beach.

    Our 2nd child is our handsome son Dashiell Reese who is 8. Dash is our tough guy, he loves football, katate and boxing. Dashiell is very outgoing and loves making new friends.

    Our 3rd and 4th children are our twins Hayes and Olivia who are 5. Haysie Bugs is my mommys boy, he is our shy child who tends to watch what everyone else is doing and then try when no one is watching. Livy is our outgoing and talkative child. She love just about every sport and does well in anything she puts her mind to.

    We are expecting our 3rd son in just a few short weeks. We have decided to name him Grayer Scott Collins. Our kids are so excited to meet baby Grayer!

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    Salut, my name is Isabelle Maria St.Clair. I’m thirty-seven years old, I have curly red hair and green eyes. My husband and I live in the south of France, though we go up to see my family in Scotland quite often. I’m a chemistry professor at the local university and also as an English tutor for locals, mostly kids. My husband, Nicolas Alexandre St.Clair, who is thirty-eight, he has dark brown hair and eyes. He’s a designs and make jewelry and the local poshs eat it up, they love the idea that they’re helping the local community. We’ve had six children and am currently on maternity leave eight months along with our seventh and last child.
    Our oldest’s name is Alize Marguerite, age fifteen, she has her father’s dark brown hair and blue-gray eyes that run in Nicolas’s family. Over the past year she’s turned into quite the hippie, she started practicing Buddhism almost a year ago now, which angered the Roman Catholics back home greatly. She meditates daily and is a brown belt in karate and is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. She gets A-Cs in school and has started working at her dojo, while she wants to become a therapist when she grows up.
    The next oldest’s name is Vivienne Maria, age thirteen. Everyone in the family calls her Vivi, but she refuses to believe that any of her friends from school have heard the nickname. She has chestnut brown hair and my green eyes. She adores working with her Papa and she’s actually really good at jewelry making, Nicolas’s gotten his hopes set on his little girl taking up the buisness when she gets out of school. She’s a honours student and a bit of a nerd when it comes to science, but it’s genetic.
    Our third child is Etienne Andrew, who is eleven he looks just like his father, his friends at school have recently started calling him St.Clair. He’s already a complete history geek, his room is filled to the brim with books on anything from the Norman Invasion to the moon landing. He gets excellent grades even though he just lets math skid.
    Our fourth child Guillaume Charles, he’s eight and has dark brown hair and eyes, goes by Guy with his friends and my family is still convinced that if they say his name is William, it’s William. Guy is our equestrian, he started taking lessons when he was six and he’s competed in seven show so far, winning ribbons in six of them and taking first in four. We started leasing him his own horse a year ago, she’s a black arabian named Lakshmi and they’re completely inseparable.
    Our youngest girls are triplets, Genevieve Reinette, Sophie Isabelle and Juliette Clara, they’re five, they’re all identical with my red hair and their father’s dark brown eyes. At first it was hard to tell them apart put they’ve started to have different styles. Genevieve is our little princess and refuses to get a haircut because she wants to have Rapunzel hair, Sophie is a tomboy she started taking Karate with Alize a year ago and is a blue belt now and Juliette is our bookworm she’s already reading Little House on the Prairie by herself and understands it at her age, we’re both very proud of her.
    Our last little one is due on January 14, we’ve decided not to know the gender, so if it’s a girl her name is Evangeline Ada and if it’s a boy Raphael Conall, I think it’s a boy though.
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    Heyy my name is Tempest Winter Braxton (ironic right) I work from my house as a Distance Education teacher. I am currently 38 years old and happily married to Bradley George Braxton (39) he works as a mechanic. We have 8 children and are expecting our last one soon.

    Our eldest Damien Edward (Damo to his friends) is currently 17 and in year 11, he aims to study I.T at university and does a lot to do with computers. He is currently dating a very pretty girl Courtlynn Taylor (16).

    The next eldest is Kallie Leeanne who just turned 15, Kallie is very much like her mother and loves to dance and play sports such as soccer and baseball. She has just broken up with Tyler for private reasons.

    At 12, is our lovely Sienna Arabella who is an aspiring author and spends her free time writing typing or looking for new ideas. Sienna is very close to her cousins Lara and Kaitlynd.

    Next is out triplets at the age of 8, Melody Ava, Adrianna Lily and Jett Matthew the triplets often get into a lot of trouble at home and at school but are good kids and achieve good grades at school. They all enjoy sports and getting out and active.

    Second youngest for the minute is Rixon Scott at 5. Rick (as he is often called) is the wild child, taking greatly after the triplets. He is always getting into things.

    My little baby is Jai Cohen (3); he always tries to help me at home and is a mummy’s boy at the minute. Everyone compliments me on him big brown eyes and adorable smile.

    And last but not least is in my tummy: baby Briar London will be born next November.

    Welcome to my family
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    Second year Uni student; Speech and Language Pathology

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    My name is Johanna Beth Butler-Vaughn. I am a wedding planner and author currently living in Portland, Oregon. My best friend Marissa Caroline "Midge" Shaffer and are partners in our business "Royalty Weddings and Events," where I accompany brides on their journey and Midge works with them financially and emotionally. I am married to Andrew Brownson Vaughn, whose middle name came from his mother, Linda Fern Brownson. Andy and I met in college, where I played drums and sang for a band that his ex-girlfriend was in. We all became friends, and when Kayla, his ex, left the ban and we replaced her, Andy and I hit it off. We married the spring after he graduated college (getting his master's degree in education- he now teaches at Portland Community College).

    That autumn, I got pregnant with our first daughter, Adelaide Nora "Addy" Vaughn, who was born on March 17. Addy is 12 now, and she is in the seventh grade. She is a very outgoing, well-behaved girl, and has been very active in the church and community. She is Beta Club Vice President, and is a shoo-in for President next year. She has taken an interest in the fashion world, and I have seen her sketching wedding dresses, especially after a previous diva bride had bought a grand, sparkly ball gown.

    Three years after Addy was born, I had a son, Julian Butler Vaughn, on August 18. He is now eight, and just left third grade. He isn't as much of an extrovert as his sister, but with boys that age, it's better. He is very interested in science, and sometimes will look at frogs in our backyard to spend some time with them. We got him a book all about small animals, and he is obsessed with reptiles. We got him a lizard, which he named Max, and he likes to tell it about his day, and the little girl, Stella, he likes at school. It's very cute to hear about.

    Three years after that, we had another daughter, Mathilda Bryn "Tillie" Vaughn, on December 26. Our little Christmas miracle, we called her, especially because I was all the way in Illinois to visit my family when I had her, at my sister Nora's house. Tillie is five, and she is a rambunctious one, but a sweetie. She starts kindergarten this fall, and it will kind of be a blessing to have her out of the house. She is very girly, and looks up to Addy and I, but mostly Addy. She even puts on Addy's clothes sometimes! Addy gets mad, but she has to make up with her. After all, they're sisters! Tillie loves music, and when Andy or I turn on our indie rock, or Addy listens to her Top 40 hits, she loves to dance and sing along!

    Over all, we have a great family, and a great life!

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