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    Friend is due in 2 weeks - Need middle name to go with COSMO

    Hi guys!

    I need your help!!!

    My friend is due in two weeks and doesn't know yet whether it's a boy or a girl. They already have two adopted daughters named Minza Gabriella and Sookie Violetta. They already decided on a first name: Cosmo!
    Now they're desperetaly searching for a middle name that goes well with Cosmo.
    They don't want it to start with L (my friend is called Linda), with A (father Al), neither with G (Gabriella) or V (Violetta) or C (Cosmo)... I may have to mention that they live in Germany...

    Thanks in advance for all suggestions!!

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    Re: Friend is due in 2 weeks - Need middle name to go with COSMO

    Hi! I think their naming style is great! :-)

    Hi! :-)

    Cosmo Alexander (Edit: I forgot about the no A rule. Oopsies!)
    Cosmo Augustin
    Cosmo Anthony
    Cosmo Benjamin
    Cosmo Elias
    Cosmo Nathaniel
    Cosmo Raphael
    Cosmo Sebastian (Lots of S, but I still think it works, because Cosmo's s is pronounced with a Z sound. Hmm....)
    Cosmo William
    Cosmo Xavier (Heavy on the Z, but I still think it's really cool. I think it sounds less Z heavy when Xavier is pronounced ex-AY-vee-er, as opposed to Zay-vee-er) :-)

    Good luck to your friend! :-)

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