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    Re: Boris in the USA

    Your Welcome:)
    Oh and i dont think the teasing would be severe, more playful school yard sort of things, like Boring Boris or Bor-Ass, silly things like that, similar to Smelly Ellie sort of teasing. And with all the Aydins and Addysins, Boris will probably seem sort of plain and old school so he might get the "you have an old guy name" but, I dont think (and cant) think of anything really mean or hurtful that could be said though., i think it will be fine and i think he will really appreciate it when he gets old enough to understand his Russian background and heritage.
    Good Luck! :)[/quote]

    :))) oh, that's alright, I guess. Kids are very creative, you never know what rhyming can they come upon.[/quote]

    Yea its no biggie:) I definitely think he will appreciate it when hes older though and its a very handsome name that has a strong meaning and a cultural background. Its a win-win in my opinion:) Good Choice!

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