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    Re: Noah or Benjamin? Help!

    Quote Originally Posted by baby4d
    As Noah is my favorite boy name, I'm partial to it, and I do think it sounds lovely with Jonathan. However, if uniformity in sibling names is important to you- it is to me- you may want to think about other children (present and future) and if their names are longer names with short nicknames (Benjamin to Ben) or not. I know that by naming # 1 Noah, for me, I'm forfeiting the use of names like Benjamin or Samuel since Noah is a full name in itself and not prone to nicknames. But that may just be me being crazy. ;)
    That is a very good point! I was actually thiking about how I'm not sure if I'm cool with Noah not having any nicknames. I love the nn Ben too. I just don't know- I love both names!! Ahh!!

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    Re: Noah or Benjamin? Help!

    I love Benjamin more than Noah. But Noah Jonathan has a better flow than Benjamin Jonathan. Is Benjamin John Makai a possibility? Personally I think having a great flow is great, but it's MOST important to use the name you love most and honors who you most want to honor. So I think if you love Benjamin more than Noah, you should use it regardless of flow... And I would say that even if I loved Noah more. Both names are great though and you really can't go wrong! (I just LOVE Benjamin!)
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    Re: Noah or Benjamin? Help!

    Hehe, Noah and Benjamin are my two favourites! I would go with Noah because it flows better and does not have the same ending sound as Johnathon.

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