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    Re: My beautiful girls are here! So surprised!

    WOW! A homebirth with triplets? That's pretty amazing, sorry for the questions but I am so curious, were they all cephalic (head down)? Or did you deliver any of them breech? That is truly amazing. Congratulations. How many weeks were you when you went into labour? Sorry, im just super curious.

    And the names you have chosen are lovely, very feminine. Congratulations :)

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    Re: My beautiful girls are here! So surprised!

    Congratulations! and what beautiful names :)
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    Re: My beautiful girls are here! So surprised!


    I am dying here! Ah! I knew something was up when you were gone for such a long break - long is relative in NB terms!

    Triplets? Wow! I can't believe it! Congratulations to you and your husband - Ryan, is it? - on three beautiful little girls! And, look at you making it so far with not one, not two, but THREE lovely ladies! Simply incredible!

    Love - love, love, love! - their names, Keiley! Magnolia Beatrice June, Iris Helena Juliet, and Lillian Cecilia Joy are beautiful names, and I know those girls will love them as much as you do when they are bigger. They sound stunning, really!

    Have fun with your girls! I'm sure it will be a bit until you are back on here, what with three babies to care for! And, whenever it is "time" again, we'll be here to help you! Thank goodness you had two extra names with Lillian Cecilia Joy and Violet Sylvia Jolie on hand when you found out there were three babies!

    Lauren [Lemon] :-)

    EDIT: My goodness! I keep spelling Miss Lillian's middle name wrong! It's Cecelia, right? Sorry about my mix-up...
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    Re: My beautiful girls are here! So surprised!

    Oh my gosh! Congratulations!!

    I love Magnolia Beatrice June, Iris Helena Juliet and Lillian Cecelia Joy!

    Maggie, Iris and Lily? Gorgeous!

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    Re: My beautiful girls are here! So surprised!

    Wow, congratulations, what a surprise.

    Beautiful names, all the best with your girls.

    Did it take you long to choose baby No 3's name? A lovely name it is too.
    Psalm 23

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