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    Re: trouble choosing my favorite

    Quote Originally Posted by tarat3232
    These are all great names!

    I love Noah, although I also think it is getting "trendy" popular. I love, love, love, Isaac and never though of "I'm sick"

    Here are some other thoughts:
    Clement (Clem)
    Silas (Sy)
    Wesley (Wes)
    Thanks for the suggestions! I love Micah and Wesley, but I have friends with those names. I had a blue stuffed dog named rufus when i was little. Reuben is a lovely name but reminds me of the sandwhich :) Silas and Clement are interesting, but maybe a little too dated for me? I really like Elim. Haha I am so picky, it is terrible! I think that's why I keep coming back to these root names!

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    Re: trouble choosing my favorite

    Quote Originally Posted by jac
    Noah- I Love it, the only thing I don't like is that it is so popular, but that is more of a personal preference, I still love it either way

    Isaac- I went to school with an Isaac. He was an awesome trumpet player.. I love the name. It isn't so popular and it is simple.

    Benjamin- I LOVE Benjamin.. One of the reasons is because of the nickname Ben.. I think the association will go away. Especially since you haven't talked to the friend in a while

    Levi- I hate to say it.. It is becoming more and more popular

    My favorites in order are:
    Thanks for your opinions!! I really do love Benjamin! I love the one syllabul nn, I think it's awesome!

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    Re: trouble choosing my favorite

    Benjamin is whiney to me too...don't know why. Isaac is good, doesn't sound like I'm sick. Noah doesn't sound fresh anymore, don't know why. Levi is fantastic. Still not trendy here.

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    Re: trouble choosing my favorite

    Hi, Savvy!

    Noah - I see Noah's appeal, really. It is soft and playful, yet handsome and meaningful. However, the name just doesn't have any strong sounds to me! It seems to lack something for me. Noah is a little boy forever in my mind...

    Isaac - Isaac has all the strength that Noah lacks. Isaac is handsome and mature, regal and stately. Isaac is a strong, burly man with a good head on his shoulders, strong morals, and fine character. However, whereas Noah is a little boy, Isaac is a grown man. The name almost feels like too much for a youngster...

    Benjamin - Well, I'm biased, as Benjamin "Ben" is my older brother's name. Benjamin is strong, sturdy, and classic, handsome and sophisticated, yet playful, curious, and confident. That's a lot to accomplish in one name! Benjamin - and Ben - combine the stately manliness of Isaac and the playful youth of Noah perfectly in my opinion...

    Levi - I definitely don't think Levi is trendy! It has too much Biblical history to be trendy, but perhaps it will become more popular since becoming a celebaby name. Levi is strong and handsome - with its harsh consonant sounds - but it still has a youthful, fun feel. I imagine a burly, rugged, handsome boy who likes to go fishing and work outside - he's curious and intelligent, but he's also skilled with his hands...

    So, I guess my favorite is Benjamin, followed by Isaac. In fact, I like Benjamin Isaac as a combination and Benjamin and Isaac as siblings. Benjamin Levi and Isaac Noah is lovely, too...

    Lemon :-)
    "Names, once they are in common use, quickly become mere sounds, their etymology being buried, like so many of the earth's marvels, beneath the dust of habit." - Salman Rushdie

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    Re: trouble choosing my favorite

    Benjamin Isaac would be just perfect! My second favorite would be Levi Benjamin.

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