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    Re: Husband and I just can't decide!

    Quote Originally Posted by hmc
    I wanted to thank everyone who has posted a comment so far.

    I think we will go with Levi Anderson. I do like the name I just hadn't heard it that often and was worried that it was too uncommon. Now I see it's not uncommon at all. I have loved the name Jacob since I was 5 years old, after family friends gave that name to their son. But that was in the early 70's and, you are all correct, the name has become too common place. Yesterday I had my daughter at the doctors for a check up and while waiting to be called back I heard them call 3 a 20 minute span of time.

    I still welcome any comments. Thank you.
    Wow, 3 Jacobs in 20 minutes! That's a lot. I'm glad you chose Levi Anderson...I really like it!

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    Re: Husband and I just can't decide!

    I love, love Levi and would of used it if it wasn't too similiar to my Eva. It's kinda rustic, but in a good way. Jacob is way over overused here.

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    Re: Husband and I just can't decide!

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