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    Love the name Cameron...

    But would never use it because of the meaning "Crooked nose"

    Same with Kennedy "Misshapen Head"

    Any names that are ruined for you because of their meanings?

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    Re: Love the name Cameron...

    Only sort of. Calvin means "bald." I still like the name... just not as much.

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    Re: Love the name Cameron...

    To me, meanings don't matter very much. My name means sheep, or literally "ewe", but the last thing I am is a sheep.

    My friend Cameron actually has a crooked nose which is slightly ironic, but meanings should really mean anything.
    I look at it this way: When you hear somebody's name, most people don't think, "Oh, Cameron, that means crooked nose. How horrible." It's mostly just the people on Nameberry that know the meanings of names. The meaning of a name really shouldn't deter you from using it if you really love it. Unless it meant something truly horrible, like "he who eats crap", you should a use name despite the meaning.
    But that's just my opinion :)

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    Re: Love the name Cameron...

    I love the name Cameron but I like the way my cousin spelled it for her daughter better: Kamryn.

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    Re: Love the name Cameron...

    I know this is a girl's name in the boys section, but Claudia
    it means "lame"

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