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    Re: Very long name game! 10 kids!

    You are 24 when you have just gotten out of university. You move into a small apartment with your very best friend. She introduces you to a nice, educated man, and you two imediately fall in love.

    Your name: Kira Dionne
    Where do you live?: Raleigh, NC
    His Name: Evan Wright
    Your Friends Name: Makaela Meador

    2 years later he proposes to you, and of course you say yes! You get married and have an amazing honeymoon. You move into a small but cute house with your new husband. After 3 months you decide to start a family, and are so happy when you find out you're expecting a girl! You give her a first name of greek origin, to honor your husbands family, and a middle name of Scottish origin to honor your side of the family.
    Daughter #1's name: Athena Alice Wright

    3 years later when your darling little girl is 3, and you are 29, you decide to have another kid. 9 months later, another little girl is born. You give her a classic first name that will never go out of style, and a bit more unusual middle name.
    Daughter #2's name: Megan Shae Wright

    2 years later your kids are 5 and 2. Your husband really wants a boy, and you just want another baby. Luckily for you, and your husband, you get pregnant with a little boy! His first name has at least 2 syllables, and his middle name is after your husband somehow.
    Son #1's name:Jacob Dean Wright (Dean is his father's name)

    1 year later, you do not really want anymore kids, but your husband does. You get prgenent with another little boy! His first name is related to music somehow and his middle name is after your or his grandfather.
    Son #2's name: Travie Micheal Wright

    2 years later you are definitely done having kids. Your kids are 6, 3, 2, and 1. But then one day you get a huge, HUGE surprise! You are pregnant with... sextuplets! They are ALL girls! You can name them anything you want! 1) Layla Starr Wright 2) Debbie Naita Wright 3) Susan May Wright 4) Makaela Grace Wright 5) Schylur Mace Wright 6) Abigail Fawn Wright

    You are very happy with your family of ten! You get them two dogs. What are their names?
    1) Tucker 2) Cooper
    What are all your kids names again? Athena Alice, Megan Shae, Layla Starr, Debbie Naita, Susan May, Makaela Grace, Schylur Mace, Abigail Fawn, Travie Micheal, and Jacob Dean
    Hope you had fun!

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