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    Baby Girl Kick is here!

    Elizabeth Jane was born two days ago, healthy and happy and three weeks early!

    Elizabeth is beautiful, and her name suits her perfectly. We decided on Jane as the middle name to honor 2 of her grandmothers. Her daddy is calling her Ellie Jane, while I'm calling her Bee.

    Thank you to everyone who helped us choose her name!

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    Re: Baby Girl Kick is here!

    Oh my gosh!!! Yea! Congratulations! :-) I'm so glad you and Elizabeth are doing well, and I LOVE the name Elizabeth Jane! So pretty! :-)

    (I love the nicknames you've chosen, too.)

    I'm so happy for you and your family!

    Best wishes to you! :-)

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    Re: Baby Girl Kick is here!

    What a lovely, classic name! And Bee is adorable.

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    Re: Baby Girl Kick is here!

    Yay!!! HUGE congrats!! Elizabeth Jane is absolutely beautiful, and the nn's are so cute!

    Glad to hear you two are doing well! =)

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    Re: Baby Girl Kick is here!


    Elizabeth Jane is a beautiful name for what is sure to be a lovely little girl! Coincidentally, I know a Jane Elizabeth...

    Anyway, Elizabeth Jane (and any combination thereof - Ellie Jane, Libby Jane, Eliza Jane, etc.) are simply perfect names, and I wish the best to you and your family!

    Congratulations on your new arrival!

    Lemon :-)
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