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    Eliza with my last name - POLL ADDED

    Husband and I have narrowed down our list to Eliza, Lilah and Eleanor for our baby girl due in late April. We are both leaning toward Eliza, and it's the one we agree on the most, but here's the problem: Our last name. I know this is not a great combo, but ... is it really truly terrible?? Does it make Eliza unusable?

    Eliza Head

    What do you think??

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    Re: Eliza with my last name


    I love Eliza! :-) Eliza Head does sound close to "it lies ahead" (or at least "lies ahead") to me. Hmmm...I don't think it's the worst, but like you said, it's not the best.

    Is there any chance that your last name is pronounced like "heed," to rhyme with the words "read"/"reed"?

    Take care!

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    Re: Eliza with my last name

    As Jill mentioned, my first thought was that you're in the clear if your last name is pronounced like heed. But, since you came on here to post this concern, I'm guessing it's just plain old head. I hate to add more problems, but I actually think you're going to hit a snag with Eleanor Head as well - sounds a lot like "all in your head."
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    Re: Eliza with my last name

    Thanks for the replies! No, unfortunately it's pronounced just like it looks: "head." ~sigh~

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    Re: Eliza with my last name

    I wish I didn't hear "it lies ahead" with Eliza Head. I was hoping it was just me, but I saw that JLM thought so, too.

    Have you thought about Elizabeth? It's not totally perfect with Head, either, but I don't hear any phrases with Elizabeth Head!

    Take care... :-)

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