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    Re: Please help us pick a name for our baby girl!

    Quote Originally Posted by 2angels
    Our son is Maximus Christopher and we are having a daughter in 5 weeks and don't have a name yet. Here are our choices...Please pick your favorite - Thanks!!!!!!!! : )
    *I know Rose is overly used as a mn but it's after someone very important to us*

    Angelina Josephine
    Liliana Rose
    Sienna Rose
    Milan Rose
    Rosalia Josephine
    Rosa Bella
    Josephina Rose
    Estella Rose
    Devorah Rose
    Aurora Josephine
    I love Liliana Rose, but think Liliana could be a top baby name of the future so it depends if popularity bothers you.

    Rosalia Josephine is STUNNING! So beautiful :) I think someone else asked also - ho are you pronouncing Rosalia? I like the Rose-AH-lia pronounciation best but both are pretty. And u have the nn's Rose, Rosie or my fav, Lia.

    I also like Josephina Rose and Aurora Josephine.

    Have you considered Rosabella Josephine or Josephina Rosabelle?

    Rose, Belle and Josephine seem to be you favourite names and those combos give you all 3!
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    Re: Please help us pick a name for our baby girl!

    My favourites are:

    Liliana Rose - Lilianna is one of my favourite names, but it is getting really popular..

    Rosalia Josephine - I think Rosalia is really cute. I also love Rosalie.

    Rosa Bella - Love Rosa as a first name, but I don't like it with the mn Bella, what about Rosa Josphine, Rosa Estelle, or you could use Rosabel(le) or Rosabella as a first name. I love Rosabel.

    Josephina Rose - So cute!

    Aurora Josephine - Adorable!

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    Re: Please help us pick a name for our baby girl!

    Our son is Maximus Christopher

    Angelina Josephine A lovely combo and I would not worry about Angelina Jolie she will be forgotten by your daughter's generation.

    The Angelina combo is my favourite.

    Milan Rose Pretty but I much prefer Milana Rose

    Aurora Josephine is nice but I think I prefer Angelina

    Arabella is a lovely name and I like Belle as the nn rather than Bella

    All below imo should have an 'e' ending.
    Rosalia Josephine
    Josephina Rose
    Estella Rose
    Psalm 23

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    Re: Please help us pick a name for our baby girl!

    Arabella Rose is perfect - Max and Bella do go wonderfully together.

    My other favorites from your list are Liliana Rose (Max and Lily are also cute together, if you might want to call her that) and Aurora Josephine.
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    Re: Please help us pick a name for our baby girl!

    I think you have some great choices and here are my thoughts:

    Angelina Josephine- A bit too much of a mouthful and agreed with the Angeline Jolie statement

    Liliana Rose- Very common, it's pretty, but I think you have better choices

    Sienna Rose- I really like this one, and it goes nicely with Max. It's cute and spunky at the same time

    Milan Rose- For me, being paired with Max, the Milan name comes off as masculine. Also Milan Rose is quite similar to Moulan Rouge (sp?).

    Rosalia Josephine- Again, I feel this may be too wordy, I prefer the sound of Rosalie Josephine. But I think Max and Rosa for nn's are great together.

    Rosa Bella- I know this name may be more common, but I really like it. It's ultra feminine, short, and sweet. And like I mentioned before it goes nicely with Max.

    Josephina Rose- I'm just not crazy about this. The Joseph beginning is too masculine for me, especially when paired with Max.

    Estella Rose- I like this one, it's not my favorite one, but I still think it is very nice.

    Devorah Rose- For me, Devorah screams "evil witch", I think it may be off of some character I cannot recall haha. It also is too similar in my opinion to Deborah which is very outdated.

    Aurora Josephin- In general I'm not particularly fond of Aurora. It always sounds like people are tripping over the two r's to me.

    Best, Indigo

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