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Thread: Meredith?

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    Re: Meredith?

    I really, really like Meredith. I've met two in my life--one must be in her mid thirties now, and one is in her late twenties. One of the Merediths went by the nn Merry, which I thought was cute. I like that Meredith is uncommon without sounding strange, easy to spell, etc.
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    Re: Meredith?

    I really like Meredith. It was on my list and was then taken off as our surname is pronounced like, but spelt differently, a drug and though 'Merry drug-surname' wasn't the right way to go. However, it is back on the list with the nn potential of Edith/Edie.

    Very cute name and one that will be approriate throughout all stages of life i think xx

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    Re: Meredith?

    Thanks guys for all of these wonderful opinions! I feel the same way as so many of you! Meredith just climbed up a few more spaces on my list :)
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    Re: Meredith?

    I thought I replied to this already! I LOVE love love the name Meredith. I almost named my daughter this name but my DH was not on board. If you like NNs for a girl, Merry is adorable. Solid, wonderful, classic name. go for it!

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