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  • Asher Rhys Wood

    47 33.10%
  • Asher Callum Wood

    18 12.68%
  • Asher Ronan Wood

    13 9.15%
  • Asher Lochlan Wood

    19 13.38%
  • Asher Curran Wood

    4 2.82%
  • Asher Hawk (family name) Wood

    23 16.20%
  • Asher Yeats(favorite poet) Wood

    18 12.68%
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    Re: My husband just put his foot down!

    I picked Asher Hawk because I love family names. And Hawk is a really fun name! Another option is the name Gavin which means "little hawk".

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    Re: My husband just put his foot down!

    I like Asher Calum Wood and Asher Lachlan Wood, but only spelt these ways, the traditional spellings.

    I third jlm's suggestion of a 3 syllable middle though, I think this would make the name flow really well!

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    Re: My husband just put his foot down!

    Quote Originally Posted by jlm
    Asher Rhys looks awesome written down, and both names have a similar feel to them which makes it seem like a great combo. My problem with this combo is that the back to back r's run into each other when you say the name out loud (the same is true for the other r names on your list). I also don't think a one syllable middle is ideal given that you have a one syllable last name, so in light of these considerations I voted for Asher Callum Wood. BUT, I think I would actually prefer something even longer in the middle, like Asher Donovan Wood.
    On another note, while Asher is a great name, I think if you don't love it, then you might want to consider looking for more names. The name you choose should be something you both adore. It shouldn't feel like you lost out on using Ezra or Malcolm, but like you found something you love so much that Ezra and Malcolm pale in comparison. By the way, I think Asher is a wonderful name, but I think I might hesitate to use it with your last name because Ash is a type of wood, so if he ends up going by Ash, then Ash Wood sounds kind of funny as a name.
    Thanks so much for your reply, jlm.

    I kinda feel like I owe my husband the name Asher. He really wanted to name our last son Asher but I was stuck on Leo and he obliged me even though he wasn't completely sold on it. I do like Asher much more now than I did a couple of years just doesn't make me swoon like Malcolm or Ezra do.

    I mentioned the "Ash" Wood thing to him but he's not overly concerned. He says we'll just be sure to only call him Asher but you know it's going to get shortened to Ash at least some of the time, right? He just doesn't see that as an issue.

    The only alternative I can think of is Callum Asher Wood. Callum has the same meaning as Malcolm (which is one of the reasons that name appeals to me so much) and I love the nn: Cal. I think I could sell him on Callum but I want him to love his son's name as much as I do. Of all the boys names we've discussed over the past two years, Asher is the one he goes back to.

    Any advice?

    Thank you so much for your input (you too, jill!). it means more than you know :)


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    Re: My husband just put his foot down!

    How interesting! I just discovered this message board and made a post that we are also considering Asher and Ezra for our baby boy.

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    Re: My husband just put his foot down!

    I voted for Asher Rhys Wood and Asher Lochlan Wood.
    Even with the back to back "r's" I still think Asher Rhys works very well. The "k" and "l" sounds of Lochlan, compliment Asher.
    I will tell you that Asher will most likely get shortened to Ash. I have sister named Ashley and we do call her Ash at times and so do her friends. When she started smoking, as a way to tease her we called her ashtray. Horrible I know.
    All that said I like Ash as a nn. Ash Wood does feel very natural, dare I say almost hippie. Not that being hippie is a bad thing, I like to call it "granola". I hope none of that was taken wrong, all this being said from some one who was almost named Sunshine.

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