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    Re: Help with girls' names please!

    Amalie-I'm not a fan of the spelling. I prefer the name Amelia to Amalie.
    Eloise (Ellie)-love
    Eleanor (Ellie)-like
    Ellianna (Ellie)-I like Eliana for spelling.
    Adelle-It's sort of a heavy name. I'm not sure exactly what that means but that the vibe I get.
    Marielle-I like them seperated; Mary-Elle
    Aubrielle-I like this one. Once again you can seperate the two.
    Arabella-it's ok
    Maisie-makes me feel hazy.
    Marin-what about Marlin
    Macy-Not so much
    Viviette-I do not like so much.
    Sacha-I no likey.
    Matilda (Mattie)-Love!!!
    Rosamund-I like Rosa
    Frances-I like
    Arianna-I don't like
    Mariette-it's sound to muh like the puppet

    What backround do you come from?
    What are the names of your grandparents?
    Are there any special people in your life you would like to honour?

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    Re: Help with girls' names please!

    [quote="juneanneoswald"]What do you think of these? Last name is Molaison.

    Amalie : FAV (flows well with LN)
    Eloise (Ellie): same i also like "Heloise"
    Eleanor (Ellie): a classic, really sophisticated
    Ellianna (Ellie): a bit too long imo
    Adelle: a bit too strong imo
    Marielle: sounds well but not sure of initials "m&m"?!
    Aubrielle: never came across it but sounds nice
    Mirabelle: one of my FAV but same with initials
    Arabella: I love it but not sure it goes with LN so well
    Maisie: initials again?!
    Marin: same as above
    Macy: same again sorry
    Viviette: prefer vivienne
    Sacha: a bit too boy ish but thats my opinion
    Matilda (Mattie): Love it but "m&m" again
    Rosamund: no likey sorry
    Aveline: really feminine
    Frances: would use it as second or third as a bit dated imo
    Arianna: lovely as well
    Mariette: not sure on this one and there's the initials to consider again?!

    Best of luck!

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    Re: Help with girls' names please!

    Amalie – I think I prefer Amelie over Amalie, but Amalie itself is rather nice too.
    Eloise (Ellie) – I’m not a big fan of Eloise, since it reminds me of “Eloise at the Plaza”, but that’s just me. Ellie, however, is cute.
    Eleanor (Ellie) – I love Eleanor with the nickname Ellie! I prefer the spelling Elinor, personally.
    Ellianna (Ellie) – I, personally, don’t find Ellianna very attractive, especially when the double ‘N’s’ and the double ‘L’s’ seem a bit… heavy.
    Adelle – I love Adele/ Adelle! I prefer the Adele spelling, though.
    Marielle – Not a big fan; it just isn’t my style, I suppose.
    Aubrielle – This seems trendy to me; and I love Aubrey for a boy, so... sorry. :/
    Mirabelle – I do like Mirabelle, though! I also like the spelling Mirabel or Meribelle, too. (:
    Arabella – I prefer Arabelle over Arabella, personally.
    Maisie – For some reason, I find this absolutely darling! :3
    Marin – Okay.
    MacyMacy is okay; it does remind me of Macy’s department store… that’s not necessarily a bad thing, though!
    Viviette – I really like Viviette, and love Vivian/Vivienne and so on. I also like Vivian for a boy; so I like how Viviette feels more feminine to me.
    Sacha – I absolutely love Sacha for a boy, but not so much on a girl; it feels tacky on a girl to me, sorry.
    Matilda (Mattie) – Matilda is adorable. I also love the French Mathilde, though I’m not a fan of Mattie. I like the nicknames Tillie, Tilda, etc for Matilda.
    Rosamund – Gorgeous. Period. Just so gorgeous!
    Aveline – I prefer Adeline or Eveline.
    Frances – I love Frances! It’s so classic and sophisticated to me, yet still sort of… fun.
    Arianna – Okay. I can’t say I’m a big fan of Arianna. I do like Oriana, though!
    Mariette – I kind of like it, actually. Though it does seem like a mix of Marie and Antoinette
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