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Thread: Vivia?

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    I like Vivienne by dh doesn't. Yesterday we discovered Vivia, and it is growing on both of us.

    1. What are your opinions of this name?
    2. What image comes to mind?

    We need honest opinions! Thanks!

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    Re: Vivia?

    I really, really like Vivia. While Vivienne (a name I also adore) can sound a little overly feminine, Vivia sounds more playful and "full of life" as the name suggests.

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    Re: Vivia?

    I love it! It's a fresh spin on all of the Olivias out there (myself included!). I think Vivia would be in the fitting in/standing out "sweet spot." It also reminds me of Vivica, but feels warmer and more approachable. Great choice!
    :: o l i v e ::

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    Re: Vivia?

    Very cute! Actually, I have never heard this name before, but you just made me love it! Good luck!

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    Re: Vivia?

    I love this name and agree with pp that it would be unique but it wouldn't be too unique, perfect for a baby :)
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