View Poll Results: Which Name do you Like Best?

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  • Alice Elizabeth

    3 8.57%
  • Adeline Elizabeth

    5 14.29%
  • Eliza Grace

    22 62.86%
  • Louisa Elizabeth

    5 14.29%
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Thread: Name Poll

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    Name Poll

    Please help us decide on our daughter's name due in April. Thanks so much!

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    Re: Name Poll

    I was torn between Louisa and Alice, but I went with Louisa, because I feel like I hear it less. (Your other names are very nice, too. I just love Alice and Louisa!)

    Good luck!

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    Re: Name Poll

    I voted for Louisa Elizabeth, because I LOVE the name Louisa. The back to back As are a little jarring, but it's not that bad. I love Alice, but not with Elizabeth. Adeline doesn't do anything for me unless it's pronounced ad-eh-LEEN. Eliza is nice, but Grace is probably the most boring middle name. You can't go wrong with all four of them, though!
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    Re: Name Poll

    I think Eliza is SUCH a beautiful name! AND....IMO...Elizabeth is more overused than Grace. My mn is Elizabeth, and it was the mn of about every other girl I knew in school!

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    Re: Name Poll

    I LOVE the name Louisa. It is so sophisticated and feminine. Lou is such a cute nickname. It's my first choice if I have a girl.

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