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    Re: Sister for Genevieve and Emmaline

    Quote Originally Posted by [name
    Grey[/name]]Marguerite is my favorite with Genevieve and Emmaline. Do you pron. Genevieve as JEN-uh-veev or the French way, JOHN-vee-ev?
    JEN-uh-veev, but she gets Genna most of the time, Emmaline is pronounced different to how it looks too, its Emma-LYN, (Emmy for short). people always read it as Emma-LINE. Thats our fault, we didnt really think about that.
    At the moment we're thinking Rosalie Grace.

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    Re: Sister for Genevieve and Emmaline

    Your girls names are perfection! It's gonna take a long time to come up with something else that good. For first names what about Anelise or Caroline?

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