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Thread: Siena Born :D

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    Siena Born :D

    Some hours later, i was at my house expecting my third girl. so at 10:43pm ( 2.10.2010 ) at a Boston Hospital I welcomed Siena Charlotte Sheridan. my two other girls (Stella Francesca and Sue Roanne), me and my husband right now, are very happy to say hello to our last princess ... doing nothing i came here to ask to you, do you like these names :Stella Francesca, Sue Roanne and Siena Charlotte ?

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    Re: Siena Born :D

    I do love Siena! Congrats on your newest little girl.

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    Re: Siena Born :D

    Congratulations! Siena Charlotte sounds very pretty.
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    Re: Siena Born :D

    i love your childrens names! congrats!!


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    Re: Siena Born :D

    Aw, congratulations!! Siena Charlotte is adorable. :)

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