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    Middle name for Aubrey

    So I think I am just about convinced DH to go with Aubrey, but now we can't think of any middle names. Our last name is Lambdin and it is a must that the entire name flow well. Any suggestions?

    Right now the only name we can agree on is Aubrey Quinn. What do you think?

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    Re: Middle name for Aubrey

    Aubrey June Lambdin
    Aubrey Eva Lambdin
    Aubrey Elizabeth Lambdin
    Aubrey Esme Lambdin
    Aubrey Victoria Lambdin
    Aubrey Blair Lambdin
    Aubrey Elise Lambdin
    Aubrey Cecile Lambdin
    Aubrey Louise Lambdin
    Aubrey Olivia Lambdin
    Aubrey Viola Lambdin
    Aubrey Danielle Lambdin
    Aubrey Rebecca Lambdin
    Aubrey Iris Lambdin
    Aubrey Rose Lambdin
    Aubrey Willow Lambdin
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    Re: Middle name for Aubrey

    Aubrey is a boy's name. So is Quinn. If I met an Aubrey Quinn, I would almost certainly think it was a boy. What's wrong with Audrey?? If you're really set on Aubrey, I think you need something really feminine.

    Aubrey Caroline
    Aubrey Victoria
    Aubrey Francesca
    Aubrey Annabel

    Good luck!
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    Re: Middle name for Aubrey

    Aubrey is a beautiful name...

    Aubrey Eloise
    Aubrey Evelyn
    Aubrey Eleanor

    Good luck

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    Re: Middle name for Aubrey

    Aubrey may be (originally) a boy's name, but it's very feminine-sounding and is now common on girls. More common than Audrey, in fact.

    Though use of it on girls may be new, Aubrey is an old name and feels like it, so I think you all have the right idea in using classics with it.

    Aubrey Leanne - okay, not with that last name
    Aubrey Virginia
    Aubrey Marianne

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