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    Re: Need a girls name for a traveler

    Travelling names! Lovely! :)
    Sorry for any repeats, this took some time and a few people posted while I wrote...

    Isra mean 'Nocturnal Journey'
    Journey itself is used as a name
    Saira possibly means Traveller
    Hermione comes from Hermes who was the patron of Travellers in greek mythology. Hermia is another variant.
    Sloane means traveller
    Leid is an obscure old Norse name meaning 'pathfinder' which I think is an awesome meaning!
    Elida is a Norse name meaning 'sailor with wings' which is very relevant to travelling.
    Endrine is another Norse name which means 'rides alone'
    Ayumu is Jabanese and means 'walk'

    Romany/Romani, Rumer, Gypsy - Gypsies are Travellers by definition :) Rumer is a wonderful name
    Kale is a Gypsy subgroup living in Wales, but there's also a group of Gypsies by this name living in Finland/Sweden

    Pilgrims are travellers. Deòiridh is apparently a scottish name meaning Pilgrim, pronounced roughly JOR-ee according to and DOR-ee according to

    Christopher is the patron saint of travellers, Chris would be good for a girl, or she could be called Christopher because her parents thought she was/wanted a boy which would make an interesting story.
    Fernanda is a form of Ferdinand which means 'journey+brave' which I would make out as 'brave traveller'.

    Although Mercury was a God, the -ee sound at the end would make the name OK for a girl. He was the Roman god of travellers, the equivalent of Hermes.

    Looking into more mythology, I found these:
    Sol/Sunna - Norse/Germanic goddess of the sun, travelled across the sky everyday in a chariot pulling the sun. All sun-related names could be suitable when you think about it
    Gaia mean earth, that where you travel, mostly...
    Iris is apparently a feminine version of Hermes also part of the Greek pantheon, I did not know that!! Iris, Goddess of Travel :)

    I'm about to fall asleep now, so I'll give up for now... :)

    PS: found one more, and this one is AWESOME! Rosenda! It's the feminine form of Rosendo which means 'fame+path' which I guess would be a well-travelled path? I love the sound of it!! and the Rose/Rosie nickname possibility! I'm adding it to my list immediately!!
    Also, Lane. How did we forget?!
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    Norwegian word names
    Fryd + Lova + VĂ„r + Sol
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    Iver + Trygg + Vilje + Leik


    Inga Ludivine + Eluney Bird + Tenebrae Rosa + Easter Ealisaid + Miruna Clio
    Arezou Salome + Liatris Una + Umeko Elettra + Noor Niobe

    [ + + + ]
    Sulo Alasdair + Echo Taliesin + Laufey Corentyn + Rivalen Rue
    Lupin Amias + Zennor Ianto + Etienne Tauno + Locryn Remiel + AolĂș Immanuel


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