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Thread: Veronica

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    Re: Veronica

    Quote Originally Posted by susan
    Veronica is one of my favorite girls' names. Love the nn Vera!
    Ditto! I think it's a beautiful name! :-)

    Good luck!

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    Re: Veronica

    Veronica is a gorgeous name!!! Way up there on my favs list. An all-around great choice.
    I knew a Veronica with a sister Anneliese...I loved that!
    Good luck! :)

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    Re: Veronica

    I don't exactly get all the fuss over Veronica. Maybe that's because I grew up with several of them (three in my grade at the small elementary school I went to). One was one of my best friends and one was a bully. The bully turned out pretty nice when we got older, and boys called her Vero.

    I also went to school with several Valeries, Vicky/Victorias and Vanessas, a Violet and a Viridiana. I guess V was a popular letter in Orange County circa 1984

    Anyway, I suppose it's a nice name, I just can't separate it from the ones I know. I do like that it really doesn't sound like anything else.
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    Re: Veronica

    I LOVE this name! Unfortunately it is my husband sisters name. She is much older than he is and he hasn't seen her since he was a child but still he wont use it. I've always loved the Old Hollywood name Veronica Lake. I like the combo Veronica Day.

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